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  1. Please leave at least one pve server.
  2. theoden

    Still not able to restore my characters

    Old. See the full restoration guide.
  3. theoden

    Unable to restore character

    Let's collect working restoration experience and workarounds here.
  4. Let's collect working restoration experience and workarounds here.
  5. The information about the process and especially edge cases is poor to none. Fixing. First of all, the process is needed even if you did nothing with LH, cause basic Elysium database is of 2 month before the drama. Change your elysium password for the sake of security. If can't remember the old one, reset. Be aware that there could a problem with link in emails. Go ahead and restore characters using the old password. Don't fear the "Wrong password or authentication rejected" error message. Try up to 5 times. If still doesn't work - retry in 30-60 minutes. I entered restoration screen 3 to 6 times this evening. So this is possible. Click "Restore" button for each character one by one, awaiting for the process to finish. If you're lucky enough the message would be "Character has been restored". Another possible result is "Server error". Just ignore it. If repeats, ctrl+f5 and goto pt. 2. The worst message is "This character was already restored". According to @Neó, I still steadily get this message for 2 of my chars. We'll see. It's time! Log in to the server with the new password you set up in pt. 1. Only login using characters wearing no items. This is the only evidence of successful restoration I found so far. I advice it trying you to avoid awful restoration message from pt. 3.3. Rinse, repeat. If you've got more useful notices regarding the restoration, share them and I'll add them to post. Update, 11/04/2017: Up to this this day I wasn't able to restore the 2 most crucial characters on my account. None of my friends, we played together with, succeed fully with restoration. The only answers I had from staff during last week was: "Our developers are fixing this issue". Even now, 11/04/2017 support channel keeps silence on the ETA of the restoration tool. No guides on restoration I saw except mine, no real support from the staff. Nevertheless these mad people got F R E S H! Announcement of which killed PVE here, also. Dear admins, just confirm you haven't enough resources to run at level of the past year. Anyway, thanks for that year, and I hope your 1.5 developers are enjoying while fixing the restoration tool for the next decade. See ya on the "Light's Hope".
  6. theoden

    Fresh Realm Name?

    **Please, fix restoration first**. Then fresh.
  7. Developers of the new web-site, please, recheck twice if you (via your magnificent web-framework, ofc) do not escape password fields. My password contained special characters, and character restoration/password changing said "Wrong password or authentication rejected"/"Invalid username or password". OK, after I reset a password, I received one only with letters and digits. And password change succeeded. But I changed password back again to containing special chars, aaand... ...character restoration says "Wrong password or authentication rejected" again. Bonus: you've got typo in links: https://testpage.elysium-project.org/main/changepass.html on the English main page, https://elysium-project.org/ru/main/restorepass.html - on the Russian one. Good luck, developers! I believe - you'll easily fix all of these.
  8. theoden

    [solved] Realms are available *partially*

    Just as I said: only Anathema works for me. Darrowshire and Elysium get stuck on the "Connected" stage.
  9. It seems the topic could be the best description for I dissconnect everytime i try to login Stuck on Connected before DC'd and maybe even Darrowshire Down Again topics. To check if this is your case, press "Cancel" button while got stuck on "Connected" message and try choosing another realms. Please, report which realms are available to you if some are. UPD: check the twitter first.
  10. theoden

    I dissconnect everytime i try to login

    I'm little less lucky: only Anathema works for me. Darrowshire and Elysium get stuck on the "Connected" stage. What info does help with solving this?
  11. Removed the WDB folder. Nice! No items pics available: Most player characters are rendered without items:
  12. UPD: Nevermind, guys. My acc working good from the windows box behind the same router. It seems all of this are "ubuntu problems". Solution: It seems it was some unstable feature of the wine-staging. So switching to stable wine did the trick: sudo apt purge wine-staging sudo apt install wine I've got a problem described in subj. Checked on 2 characters, both should have more than 1 page of mail. One, actually, should have mail up to mail limit. Buttons "Log out" and "Exit game" from game menu don't work during a minute I can get at a time. "/logout" doesn't work as well. On the last weekend (i.e. 05/14) there were no such a problem for this characters. I changed none of client-related files since that time. Logging in without addons hasn't solved the problem. Example screen with no mail and no global chats: Combat log looks interesting too:
  13. А как же CallToArms? Пользовался из комплекта носталриуса, перешел на поддерживаемый. Особых плюсов от перехода не заметил. Не глючит, потому оставил.) Ну и "/join world" важно не забыть сделать. CTA же просто чат-каналы отслеживает и найденное передает прочим людям с CTA (форвардит). Вообще, если не под ру-клиент аддоны ищете, советую поиск начинать со сборного поста у буржуинов. Прелесть в том, что там ссылки на гитхаб-репы. А значит, есть надежда, что кто-то или поддерживает, или начнет поддерживать, а то и развивать.
  14. Извиняюсь за сленг из разработки ПО. Проект открытый, вот и думается, что каждый второй в курсе. :) Контрибутить (to contribute) - внести вклад. Например, завести карточку ошибки (issue), отправить код с исправлениями (pull request). В случае переводов это могут быть исправления перевода. Да даже толковую ридмишку написать - это тоже вполне себе вклад. Любое конструктивное действие. Обфусцированный - это код, намеренно сделанный нечитаемым. Рувов - наглядный пример. Под спойлером кусочек RuWow.lua. ProffBot, который ему требуется неизвестно для чего, выглядит похожим образом. Деобфусцированный - это код более или менее понятный человеку. Даже если это говнокод. :) Мне по упомянутой ссылке: "Тексты заданий на русском в английском клиенте" ответили, что сервер может отдавать задания на русском. Вот мне и интересно, какие аддоны это поддерживают, и как именно это сделать в аддоне (апи). Сам вопрос возник из-за карточки на гит-хабе. Проблемы будут. Напишу отдельный пост, куда соберу их в кучу, чтоб потом ссылку давать.
  15. Раз уж речь зашла про задания и русский язык... Тексты заданий на русском в английском клиенте Кто что думает, а лучше - знает, по теме? Мне там ответили, но без подробностей. В каких аддонах это поддерживается? Есть ли где-то база квестов, куда можно переводы контрибутить? Где-нибудь есть деобфусцированный рувов? Или какой-нибудь рувов, не меняющий насильно локаль в ruRU?