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  2. Covert Operations is a PVP guild established in late 2004 by. Originally situated in World of Warcraft, since then we have played multiple games and have a small tight knit community. A number of us have come back to WoW and are currently playing Horde on Elysium,some guilds treat members at a level less than acquaintance. In CO, we want every member to know and respect every other member. Members should know the strengths, personalities, and weaknesses of their comrades to best formulate plans and groups that work well together. We are a worldwide guild so all people of all races are welcome, the majority of our members are R8+ In CO, you can expect members who share the same interests of quality and skill as you. We are liked minded individuals, working together toward a common goal: We will be running pre-made bg’s / going out into the world and pvping as well as doing PVE for gear. With a view to running guild MC in the future, if your a PVE master and you want a challenge we do have room for some PVE people that also want to PVP. We aren't looking for delicate flowers though i'm afraid so you need to be able to take criticism as well as not easily upset. Candidates must have the following qualities: -Desire to win and not give up (this is critical) -Ability to learn from mistakes and improve -Learn everything about their class and other classes -Player to player social interaction (IN GAME *AND* IN FORUMS) -Follow orders, if a call is made in PVP you follow it. -The ability to improvise Desirable: -The ability to lead a group on short notice - PVE mastery and leadership We are recruiting the following classes Holy/Shadow Priests Hunters Rogues Mages Warlocks Warriors You can see some of our past exploits on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CovertOperationsClan/videos Message Covertfox or Indestructo ingame or look out for our premades recruiting in org.