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  1. finkbrau

    wts Freezing Band

    posting it in 5mins on N ah, 850g buyout
  2. finkbrau

    Do not queue battlegrounds!

    forum, reddit or discord mods? We'r missing important infos here.
  3. finkbrau


    l'unico motivo per joinare una gilda italiana è se per qualcuno community e socializzazione > end game, bisogna però scordarsi di raidare.
  4. that's not even banning, but deleting characters in legit accounts with lvl 60 mains. It still doesnt make any sense.
  5. finkbrau

    Colored text=ban??

    You will learn it, whenever you get a guild.
  6. finkbrau

    Colored text=ban??

    MAn, why don't you thrust your guildies?
  7. This is how a boe world drop should be handled https://www.reddit.com/r/ElysiumProject/comments/60wbjz/1110_troll_by_elysium_devs/
  8. finkbrau

    How to choose a caster class?

    My guild has been looking for 3 locks since weeks, not even tanks or healers have been so hard to find.
  9. finkbrau

    server shutdown

    only if your compehension skills are below avarage.
  10. On the 1rst of April with an ingame msg.
  11. i wont put my face for show to such a shitty comunity.
  12. ps: for clarification 2nd ss is us trying to regroup after we all got kicked but timer ofc wont stop.
  13. You dont want to waste your time running dungeon with this tank, he wont listen to party chat and just respond with "stop cryin follow me" if he doesnt get what he wants (optionals bosses never mentioned before the run) he will disband the whole party wasting hours of your time, as a bonus he's also a ninjalooter (claiming he needs shit for os exept after the dungeon you can find the item selling on ah under his name). Dozis <Pannonia> ninjalooting and timewaster douchebag. http://imgur.com/a/Y94J5
  14. finkbrau

    buying gold is bad

    make a new one?
  15. finkbrau

    Aaaannddd it's Down.

    i didnt pay for this shit