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  1. Vollfos

    ZG patch and BRE?

    but its not correct, it should come with AQ normally
  2. it upgraded, but not sure if its correct
  3. Vollfos

    Another AV lose fest

    the topic was, its easier for horde getting wins because of the mapdesign, and i say thats not true , if you are organized its easier for alliance to win if you manage to get through their base.
  4. Vollfos

    Another AV lose fest

    but everybody has the possiblity to make a premade sooo, where is the point of not doing it ?
  5. Vollfos

    Another AV lose fest

    i never said without premade
  6. Vollfos

    Another AV lose fest

    No i play alliance, and i won now 80% of all AV this week. i play on Elysium. you just have to organize your group , you will be always faster if both do the same tactic (the most importan part: we used a fullt2 tank + 2 healer , and tanked all 4 adds off outside and rest goes in. we had yesterday 10 games below 8 minutes. horde cant tank outside 4 adds because if there is only 1 enemy to defend you get fucked hard as horde.
  7. Vollfos

    Another AV lose fest

    i played again today about 20 games and i lost only 3 games. just make your own premade. even as alliance you can easy win. i got my alt in 2 days now from friendly to exalted. just by making a premade. you will find always geared tanks and some healers.
  8. Vollfos

    Another AV lose fest

    i dont see anything positive , why there should be a timelitmit. grind your way throught AV or let it be. noone forces you to play it :)
  9. Vollfos

    Hit cap wrong?

    so we already had the proof
  10. Vollfos

    Hit cap wrong?

    it was an official statement from the guy who rescripted it in the core about 6 -8 weeks ago
  11. Vollfos

    Hit cap wrong?

    sadly legacy logs is fucked up but, i could have you even show how warriors with less then 9% hit ( 5% +human and OEB) misses Execute/BT and there were even misses with WW on it in MC it seems that only a few weaponskill points even count for other Abilities aswell :) get 9% hit , Most good items in MC/ BWL have hit on it anyways
  12. in Vanilla there were 3 diffrent changes/updates for AV how it worked and looked, and i know that elysium changed it 1 time too , So Korrak only gives the Runestone. Did you axcept the The prequest in Orgrimmar from that guy before you headed to Hillsbrad to make the quests ? if not that could be the reason.
  13. Vollfos

    Another AV lose fest

    I won yesterday 17 of 21 games on alliance side, seems its your fault that you loose HansCakeStealer
  14. Vollfos

    [A] WTB BWL Loot

    most guild which has enough farm/gear , dont give you fury gear, because you mostly have more furys in the raid then items can drop, and half of the fury items are crossclass items. So if you are intrested in a Weapons, im sure you wont find a guild atm. if you want the Nefarian Head,Drakefang Talisman, Chromatic Boots or Cloak of Firemaw you wont find at the time a guild whos selling that items, because its crossclassitems , and even rank 14 warriors needs the boots. if you want the rest ( Shoulders, paladin pants, draconic cape, Blessed Bulwark or Endless Rage helmet, you could be lucky everntually. ( if you wait 2-3 month then im sure you will find some , at that state, only a few people per guild are bis)
  15. Vollfos


    In vanilla these kind of bugs happened too. no GM ever gave you any item. they just said sry we cant help you. you only got items back which you already had in your inventory.