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  1. Steelrage

    BG bonus weekends

    There are 'Call to arms' NPCs at every city and next to battle masters when bonus is active.
  2. Steelrage

    Oily Blackmouths. Where are they?

    Southshore river.
  3. Firstly he rages and the whole team camps egy for 1 hour for zero honor. Now his premade loses vs pug lmao
  4. Yes, but I must enter de 6 digit code to confirm it.
  5. Recently I crashed my phone, I was using the Duo Mobile app with IP Lock with authenticator option. I got a new phone, looked for the QR code mail but I fear that it was deleted. My ip has not changed so far, so I can login in game and control panel. How can I get a new QR code?
  6. Steelrage

    Is Zeth'Kur down?

    Can't connect.