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  1. The rank 12-13 gear will be updated and you won't have to re-rank for those sets (updated version). The new rank 10 gear (lvl 60 blues), however, will have different item ID's and you will have to re-rank / have the required rank to purchase them. And yes I totally would like to see pvp gear updated. Currently most of the caster rank 12-13 gear is worse/on par with T1, which makes it completely outdated in the BWL patch we are in right now, and more so by ZG.
  2. The PVP item sets are so bad right now, if they go by the timeline and release it at 1.1 there is no reason to PVP at all for the entire life of the server. At every point in the game, the current PVP set will be worse than raid gear and this is why a lot of other private servers took into consideration and released the updated pvp sets earlier on like during ZG or AQ. Even then when PVP set is updated it will still be worse than AQ gear, so what is the point of PVPing at all? The dev's really need to take into consideration the players that PVP. It is a dedication not many people can go through, and only the hardcore players can make it. Why hurt the most hardcore players? Although Nostalrius team turned their back on us, during the time they were still developing this game they listened to their player base and understood the situation so they released the updated gear earlier. And you all keep telling us to stop bringing this topic up and closing threads... Players are still bringing this up because it's an important issue and they feel like they aren't being heard. No matter how many threads you close I still believe people will bring this topic up again and again till the developers actually take the time to think and listen to their players.
  3. Don't say this. Nothing against <We Play Horde>, they're an awesome new upcoming guild and their GM is level headed and a good leader. They have cool members as well. If you are new and is guildless, I actually suggest you look up <We Play Horde> and consider joining. The only problem is this post going up attempting to tarnish Breakthrough's name. It's an individual who is posting, not a guild. Nothing against <We Play Horde>, It's wrong to assume such things from that guild. @TTL I completely agree with you. But keep in mind this is a DKP guild, and if he is ranking up BRE is one of the best weapons to PVP with. He was complaining to me how he won't get weapons, and I told him I would help him get BRE or Spinal Reaper and talk to Roflkopterr to make sure he has a chance to get it if he is ranking up. Why would anyone keep one of the best weapons from a person who PVP's just because he's tank in a raid? That's just unfair. I was on his side. The only "problem" is though, he wasn't PVPing or ranking up at all.
  4. Okay Majstor, let me get this straight. 1. You are in a DKP guild. 2. After all bids closed, it was announced that Ring of Accuria was awarded to you for 280 DKP. < - (ok why would they do this when they were going to ninja??) 3. It was then challenged by a member saying that should be wrong. 4. Bid checking occurs... Viola, apparently somebody bid 360 DKP. Now everyone who went to grade school should know that 360 is greater than 280. 5. 360>280. So It was awarded to the person who bid 360 DKP. I don't see any evidence of ninja looting here. Now since you're basically announcing that you are a loot whore and would Gquit over not being able to do the math, let me help you and back up that claim of your ass being a loot whore. http://imgur.com/a/DOYDr Then no response. Honestly, you probably wanted Thunderfury for yourself, seeing you are a tank. BTW, If bindings dropped it was decided that it would go to Hexhellstorm, so what you were assuming was simply not true. Seriously man, I didn't bat an eye on why you left, but seeing this post went up your actions are far too immature to play it off as "joking" "I take everything so seriously" Definitely you are the one taking everything seriously, being so butthurt and accusing Breakthrough of being a ninja. I didn't think you were being TOO real about the conversations we had but seeing as this post went up you were definitely not joking and was being serious about demanding your BRE and Thunderfury. Way to be classy, Majstor.