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    Bis melee weapons Hunter raid

    Yo hunters, would like to know if for a 20/31/0 hunter, the Grasp set is what we need, or it s better to have warblade(MH) and fang of faceless(OH)? ty for answer http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=19896 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=19910 i read that this set proc a lot, would like to know if Arlokk's Grasp passif proc on range attaque shot too ( the shadow dmg) or if it s only a cac proc
  2. Manara

    Rogue bug combo

    Hi , would like to know if any rogue like mine loose his combo point without any reason (i m not changing target or anything that justify that) Elysium server
  3. Manara

    Rogue bug combo

    i was thinking about that i should deseable all and check one buy one... (there is a lot so i can t numerate here)
  4. Manara

    matur black dragon sinew

    I saw in internet that matur black dragon sinew could be loot on black dragon at burning steppes, is that true on elysium server?
  5. Manara

    "The Hunt for Rhok'delar" Guide

    respawn timer of a dead demon on Elysium pls? 20/25mins is not right
  6. Hi ppl, would like to know in what patch outrider's leggings who can be buy when you are Exalted WSG come out? thanks for answer
  7. Manara

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    I checked and compare thoses xbow and i was pretty sure that spine xbow had higher dmg... (In elysium) now i can have both i will check it Again with the both in my inventory( mb bloodseeker is up for next patches)
  8. Manara

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    0/21/30 i will go like that to pvp http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cZtVohtZ0Ebmkhux
  9. Manara

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Yop to pvp spine xbow is better than bloodseeker one cause of stamina and higher potential dmg right? And why to pve bloodseeker is better than spine xbow? Str is just for melee att mb u can explain it to me (a better constant dps?) I watch the pvp build u suggest in 0/21/30, why improuv clever trap in pvp, i mean freeze trap will be 12sec for first time after all. That s ensure the 12sec? To me clever trap is for pve but trap mastery is good to pvp
  10. Yop Anyone know in what patch BG reputation rewards will be out? I was thinking that Alterac rewards will be out in 1.5, apperently i was wrong :)
  11. Manara

    Questions pour la Horde (Monture)

    Moi je te conseil celle du rang 11 si tu veux etre craint et respecté!
  12. HI! come from Zeth Kur, would like to know how many premade there is in the Horde for the moment?
  13. Manara

    [FR] [H] <IMPACT> [MC 9/10 Ony 1/1]

    Discord que je prenne des news? c'est à dire qu on est 5 francais ici bas, faudrait que je pose quelques questions en direct pour voir il y a de la place en raid ect...
  14. Manara

    [FR] [H] <IMPACT> [MC 9/10 Ony 1/1]

    il y a un forum? (hunter Zeth kur)
  15. Hello staff, so there is a problem with entrapment on fire trap, i mean all work fine but when i die on WSG and get repop, if my trap is still active and entrap the old target that still have the debuff, that put me in combat... so i can t mount ect. Sorry for my bad english!
  16. Manara

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Remove BG, like that only Wpvp bring honor==>gank is life
  17. Manara

    Banned? Help

    me too