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    TBC - BM Hunter pet question

    Also great info to know, thank you! I know that pets get talent points of their own (which have a limit/you can't learn everything), do you know if there's a default point selection for BM hunters? Or will it depend from pet to pet?
  2. haxo

    TBC - BM Hunter pet question

    Oh I see, ok great, thank you for that info!
  3. haxo

    TBC - BM Hunter pet question

    Hello, I currently have the The Rake from Mulgore, but he no longer has 1.20 attack speed, it's 2.0 in TBC apparently (idk if that goes for all pets now in TBC?). So I've been doing research through old reddit posts from TBC and I can't really get a straight answer in terms of what pet to get. I had the following questions: 1. Do all pets have 2.0 attack speed now? 2. I read that Wind Serpents have the best DPS because of their lightning breath ranged attack that ignores armor, is this true? 3. I also read that Ravager is the preferred end-game pet Any input would be much appreciated.