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  1. Superomegaop

    Demo not viable?

    soul link is the go to pvp spec for warlocks in AQ/naxx when caster gear is good enough to counter the lower damage of the spec. but most still go destro for conflag or sm/ruin so they can pvp and pve without having to respec.
  2. Superomegaop

    Warlock BiS spreadsheets updated for Naxx patch

    only 8 bosses are shown for the boss resistance tab, does that mean only those bosses have higher than average shadow resist? does this mean spell pen is largely useless for most bosses? is there a source to see what boss has what resists?
  3. Superomegaop

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    please do, greatly appreciate it for working on it yourself.
  4. Superomegaop

    How useful is Fel Concentration in PVP?

    is this talent even worth 5 points for 70% chance to reduce pushback on drain life/mana/soul? this is my current pvp build im going for http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#IE0V0RbZbxuzgxot i feel like i can just recast the spell before it goes away due to pushback and the tick rate doesn't change, at least to not very noticeable degrees. right now my lock has almost 6k mana with my current gear so mana usually isn't an issue. i feel like the points could be better spent in improved drain life or suppression.
  5. Superomegaop

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    I assume this guide stopped being worked on? OP hasn't posted since 2016. and the original creater botmaster5/xashe hasn't posted since feb on the nost post. will an AQ+ updated spreadsheet ever happen?
  6. Superomegaop

    arikara cannot be tamed???

    wtf is this shit? why can't he be tamed? there are old wowhead posts and fucking youtube videos showing that hes tameable and even has his own unique summon animation. whats going on man?
  7. are you sure that king banglash has that on elysium? i heard it depends on the server or that it might even be a TBC thing.
  8. like stuff that isn't working or stuff like blind hunter that was immune to cc, want to know what to use or to avoid so i don't get myself banned or don't accidentally gimp myself.
  9. like for example i found out that when you summon arikara(wind serpent) it gets summoned in a poof a smoke. i also heard that bangalash(and maybe other unique pets) might have extra unique abilities or passives. are there any other traits like these?
  10. Superomegaop

    taming elites vs normal beasts.

    actually i just tamed an elite wind serpent(poor mans lupos) from wailing caverns and it came with like +30 extra stamina compared to my same level cat but when i stabled it and brought it back iout it lost the extra stam.
  11. Superomegaop

    taming elites vs normal beasts.

    is there any difference? i remember a long time ago i tamed a wailing caverns serpent cause i was told they were better than normal pets. this was in late bc/early wrath though.
  12. Superomegaop

    How to actually calculate how much SP crit is worth?

    i understand, im just asking how the formula works so i can double check the math manually.
  13. i know crit is worth more depending on how much sp you have but i don't know what the exact formula is. its something like (your avg shadowbolt damage x 1%) / .86(spell coefficient) or (your avg shadowbolt damage / 83(how many shadowbolts you land out of 100)) x 1% /.86 idk i looked up 3 posts about it and each 1 gave a different formula. idk why some of them divide by the spell coefficient.
  14. Superomegaop

    Last plea for help regarding being hacked.

    thari I understand, if you do it for 1 person, you have to do it for everybody. i just want to say that my shaman was fully restored, i lost a level 1 bank alt that had very minor engi materials that doesn't matter and doesn't have to be checked(if its even possible). my warlock was the only 1 that was truly affected and the only things ive done since getting hacked was afk in kargath for hours, play a few AVs and deleting soulshards to make room for the few items that were restored. I was also offline for a bit before this happened, so if there is a log for these events it should be pretty blatant when they started, and when they ended. i understand its not feasible to do this for every case of hacking but maybe in this particular case it could be possible? if nothing can be done because rules are set in stone, thats alright, ive kinda already accepted my fate at this point, and if so thanks for at least not closing the thread right away.
  15. Superomegaop

    Last plea for help regarding being hacked.

    theres no log at all of the hacker rapidly deleting/selling items in quick secession? it only happened a day and a half ago. surely theres something? EDIT: i use questie, is there some way to list all the quests ive completed with it? my characters quest info is still intact.