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  1. PaulyPepperoni

    Someone deleted my Character?

    level 47 dwarf Warrior Elysium Name- Balruron Was wondering if my character i've been working for months on can be restored? Not to sure why someone would delete my character.
  2. Why does the Login Server KICK ME everytime it hits this amount of people? I'm sick of it. It's happened almost 9 times in 2 days. Legit. What is going on?
  3. I'm not one to usually complain about Racism in a game, I'm usually able to just ignore people, but I will no longer do so. As a player I expect other players to abide by the same rules I enjoy following. Being a Racist and ruining someone else's "fun" , should be considered bannable. People go into World of Warcraft to escape the outside World, not to have the outside world's torments make them sad in a certain way to where they don't want to play anymore. It's quite sad we have players that are dedicated to make others feel belittled, sad, and not want to enter the World of Warcraft. This game was meant to be fun. And I expect the Elysium Developers to take action on the two players i've mentioned in here. Just as Blizzard would. Much more was said, but these are two examples of what torment these two people are bestowing upon an area that THEY OUT LEVEL. I take my leave.
  4. PaulyPepperoni

    Is there a legal Ground Clutter Mod to use?

    Alright, i'll try the Frill Density! Thanks for the replies so far.
  5. Was wondering if there is a way to increase foliage and ground clutter? /console groundEffectDensity 256 doesn't seem to increase Foliage at all?
  6. Just woke up on my floor. Sh*ts lit. lol. #DwarvenProblems #DwarvenLivesMatter
  7. PaulyPepperoni

    Elysium PvP down?

    Same bro.
  8. PaulyPepperoni

    raWr was doing a Deadmines run!

    Having trouble logging in, is this due to the 7300 players on? Stays at "Connected"
  9. PaulyPepperoni

    Can't connect, server down?

    You're amazing adam. Ty
  10. PaulyPepperoni

    Can't connect, server down?

    Says Elyisum is up, but population is 0
  11. Come on!!! I was almost there. Get the realm back up plz.
  12. PaulyPepperoni

    How to save Anathema

    I feel that advertising may solve the population issue. Although merging has it's pro's and con's.
  13. PaulyPepperoni

    New to Elysium Realm

    I'm only level 6 rn, whoever messages me I wont be able to respond for another hour at least. (Can't talk until level 10)
  14. Was cleaning some things out of the attic, and I remember buying the battle-chest after bc came out because it came with 2 guides! And it was cheaper than buying the Guides separate. "Over 12 Million Online" . Ahhh golden days. :)