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    Priest PvP Build / Healing

    Go PI or go home!
  2. Shevy

    [H][EU] <Endurance> recruiting!

    Bump! What Storfan said!
  3. Shevy

    Greek Community Page

    Γεια σας κοπελια! Undead Priest εδω!
  4. Shevy

    [H][EU] <Endurance> recruiting!

    All healers of the world unite!
  5. On old Nost there was no Decay in the beginning so u could even get 2 ranks in same week! And also 140k this week is different than 140k next week! its all about ur standing! Depends on which bracket u are!
  6. Because with 150k honor u barely cap the decay! So if ur at beginning of r9, ur decay is 7k RP!
  7. Why would i look some clueless guy on realmplayer, doesn't make sense! You can stop embarassing yourself too by defending him already!
  8. We have a guy that says Shield bash is as good as Revenge! He definately never tanked mate! Whats ur deal tho?
  9. I always gain RP exaxctly as i calculated them bro, so ur math is wrong
  10. If u never tank please don't post stuff mate! EDIT: Shieldslam generates 250 flat threat, plus extra threat from damage, modified by defensive stance + talent aggro multiplier! Revenge same stuff, 315 plus dmg! On AQ release, u get next rank for HS and Revenge! So those 2 abilities MUST be on cd at all times!
  11. Undertanker do u even tank bro?
  12. Shevy

    Cannot Loot DE'd Items

    You dont lose anything, the item is in your inventory! Same happens for me when i DE, i cant click the window but when i close it the item is already in my bags!
  13. Shevy

    AV Backdoor

    Same goes for Alliance choke points! 2-3 Elites, Mine layer patroling on Hill, plus we need to backdoor which can be disturbed by 1-2 ppl! while u rush enter base without any problems! Bridge for us has 2 towers and 3 NPCs! Ofc we gonna backdoor