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  1. Items "of quality", bis bugged?

    I can't believe people thought of quality items existed in Vanilla lol.
  2. "+weapon dmg" enchant working in shapeshift

    I mean the stance shouldn't change at all, there's 15 more sources then what the bug report even lists. It doesn't balance out the class by any means, gaining 17 weapon damage is equivalent to 4-5 pieces of AQ gear in Strength value alone. It's even more of an issue at lower levels, because you can get crowd pummeler or slaghammer in your 20's and shred for 500 damage.
  3. "+weapon dmg" enchant working in shapeshift

    Is this actually ever going to be fixed? I still see a few people using them, and of course it's extremely easy to use them while raiding and switch out to +15 agi in ironforge.