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    Scourge Invasion Guide

    That is true. I'm nearly revered on my Hunter and have the tabard. Purchased with the Necrotic runes.
  2. I'm getting the complete opposite of this now. Have "Enable Range Based Auto Paging (Hunter)" checked and the "melee" page isn't automatically switching over when in melee range.
  3. JaggySnake


    This. Just watch threat. Just a tank 'n' spank fight at the moment.
  4. I would also like to know this. Great addon otherwise!
  5. Whilst the herbalists that are (managing to) selling the herbs are loving it. The people that wish to buy the herbs/potions are not. 100g+ for one lotus is an insane amount, not to mention a stack of Dreamfoil/Plaguebloom/Mountain Silversage...
  6. JaggySnake

    Scarlet Monastery (Armory)

    It's no bug. That is working as intended. You have to step further into the room to stop those 4 from spawning.
  7. JaggySnake

    Lookin For LW DragonScale

    Which server?
  8. JaggySnake

    Cant find simone for Rhok'delar quest

    check the sticky at the top of the page...
  9. JaggySnake

    Auto shoot on right click?

    Accidental pulling, ninja pulling...
  10. JaggySnake

    Its not just me

  11. It's only the 2nd day in Feb. Also, 1st post.... o/