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  1. egorlike

    Worth the risk?

    Just play the freaking game. What risk lol
  2. As someone who was Horde on Zeth Kur and rerolled Alliance on Elysium before the transfers, I don't get whats all the whining is about. I already had 2 characters go through Lakeshire and I can't say ganking was that bad. I was killed couple of times by some high levels, sure. But it wasn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be. After you get out of the city and go to the questing areas I barely saw any horde there. And if they are there and being particularly annoying usually a level 60 comes and kills them. And anyway how long does it take you to do all the quests there. 1-2 hours max? Is this really worth it to make a whiny thread about this? Also why do you even have to level there. Theres wetlands, ashenvale. Both 20+ zones. Just go there after Westfall. I don't hear people complaining about those zones.
  3. Anyone knows? And what skill do I need to mine thorium?
  4. egorlike

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    Click on lockpick skill and then on chest. I did it couple of days ago
  5. egorlike

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    No man it doesnt work like that. You should have finished poison quest on level 20, because poisons are a big part of rogue class. You can come back on any level and continue lockpicking the chest.
  6. egorlike


    And running dungeons with humanoids I use it too to slow down runners
  7. egorlike

    Why has pickpocketing been nerfed to be unblizzlike?

    People say that lockboxes stoped droping greys (specificaly rogue diaries which go for 45s) But I am a bit confused because I did an SM stealth run yestarday on my lvl40 rogue and I got plenty of greys (including rogue diaries) from the lockboxes. I am on Zeth Kur btw So its either high level junkboxes not giving greys or its specific servers?
  8. egorlike

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    You need to level up to increase your cap. If you are 130/130 you can't level anymore. Come back after couple of levels
  9. egorlike

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    A guy on reddit told me yestarday that the Sturdy Junkboxes can actually be opened on level 170 even though they are shown as red. And yestarday I confirmed it, at least on Zeth Kur. So once you get to 170 on the poison quest chest you can continue opening Sturdy junk boxes, which drop from lvl 40+ mobs.
  10. egorlike

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    I always leveled as combat and I know its the more efficient. But I decided to try something different this time. So about lvl20-ish I respeced into my custom spec with daggers. I like world pvp. So here is what I have done: First I put points into Sub. Master of deception, Camouflage and Improved Ambush. This helps to not be detected and move faster in stealth. Great for sneaking around. Also need the ambush crit talent for more consistent ambush damage. Then I put 5 points into crit, because its just extremely useful. And going down the assasination tree now. One thing I noticed it is a bit harder to get decent daggers, all quest rewards I seen so far give blue swords, but not daggers. So you have to rely on dungeons drops.
  11. egorlike

    Stealth Rank 1

    I don't agree to this, I noticed improvement in stealth detection once I got the second rank of stealth. All other factors stayed the same. So I do think stealth ranks improve your stealth.
  12. egorlike


    I prefer cripling for offhand while leveling for those pvp situations
  13. egorlike

    5/5 Master of Deception broken?

    Don't really agree to this. Level 39 with 5 points in MoD. If I come up to a mob my level from the front he will still see from a couple of meters and will be alerted. If I continue to come closer he will agro. So I just find it hard to believe you can walk through mobs without any points in MoD. But distract works wonders, so I don't really see any problems. Plus I am ambush rogue so I need sneak up from the back anyway
  14. egorlike

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    Thank you for this. I will check it out tonight. Do SM doors work for anyone? I was able to lockpick the 3 doors once and I got the skillups. Now days have passed already, I keep trying to come back and lockpick them again but I am not getting any skill ups. So I am stuck at 173 right now, unable to lockpick sturdy junkboxes I have while everything else is grey to me. I will check on this chest in STV, if it doesnt work I guess the only option is to buy +5 lockpick gloves.
  15. Great server The only downside for me is that it mostly seems to be folks from Europe so when I get on (NA evening) the population seems to be on the low side