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    Pet meat quality

    Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to determine the Quality (Level) of pet food. Im currently leveling and i couldnt really find a pattern which foods are "better" than others. With regular food like bread etc it is easy to determine, because the food has a level, but meat often doesnt. Is there a way to find out its item level? Or a list of meat levels? Or am I stuck with trial and error? Basically i dont want to waste higher level meat, while i still have others (assuming they both give 35 Happiness per tick). Also: Which meats still work @60 and are worth keeping?
  2. Sheph

    hunter pet leveling points

    its not bugged its just very badly made by blizzard. exapmle: the cost of lets say Armor 5 is 50 and Armor 4 was 25 (already trained), if you train Armor 5 now it only costs 25 points because you get Armor 4 "refunded" as they dont stack, only the best one is active. The same goes with the effects, Armor 5 will only provide the difference between Armor 4 and Armor 5. Otherwise you could stack resistences to ridiculous amounts (30+60+90+120), in reality 120 is the max. I picked arbitrary numbers here to show how the system works.
  3. Sheph

    Improved Mend Pet

    Can anyone confirm to me that Imp Mend Pet is working correctly? I like to run 1/2 Imp Mend Pet while leveling to cure some debuffs on my pet, however it never seemed to have worked. So I went and specced 2/2 into it and ive seen it work once out of ~20 spellcasts despite the chance being 50% per tick (5 ticks per cast). Now im confused because it seems to work but the percentage is way off.