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  1. Gwen

    Messed up BWL ID

    we have ingame tickets too but... you know how fast gm's are ingame
  2. Gwen

    Messed up BWL ID

    We contacted a GM to reclear BWL to the 4th dragon (where we were before the ID reset) but the GM killed EVERYTHING . Now a whole Raid is sitting in an empty BWL, Raid ID 241. Please message Themis or Dredd asap!
  3. +1 And for me it doesn’t matter if it’s "blizzlike" or not. Our gameplay has changed over the past couple of years. We all know the mechanics way better than back those days, we have a more international and bigger community combined on one server than it has ever been on an official server. So sometimes adjustments have to be made to fit our needs and it’s not blizzlike either to increase herb spawnrates due to high server pop, to lock whispering for lvl <10 players or to change mob/boss mechanics to prevent solo farming in DM. It might be a known bug from vanilla days but there was not such a high competition over world-bosses and I'm sure that kill-stealing bosses (sorry to speak of "stealing" but in my eyes tagging a boss at 20ish % is nothing else but stealing someone else's effort) on this level was not INTENDED by blizzard and if it had become such a huge (and common) problem like now on elysium they would have fixed it.
  4. Yay, all my 10 thumbs up for Rise! What I'd like to add: Even though most people are from the US / Canada we do have some players in europe and asian (maybe just me :D ) as well. So even if you're not from North America but are available at our raid times you're welcome! Also, If you're from Zeth'Kur and hesitate applying because you don't know anyone on this server: feel free to create an alt character on Elysium and get in touch with us (simply invite an officer to a group or post something on the forum). We may consider to invite your alt to the guild, giving you and us the chance to get to know each other.