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  1. Your first response has merit, but this qoute is just ridiculous. If he wants to run first boss only he should obviously advertise such a run, or have a replacement ready to take over exactly when he leaves.
  2. beleger

    hunter pet leveling points

    Yes. Every pet will have the same amount of skill points available at each corresponding level and loyalty. The formula used is this (level)*(loyalty-1)
  3. beleger

    Unable to send mail

    I can't send mail to anyone, from any two of my characters. What is going on?
  4. beleger

    Rekt by mutes

    Just because you're a troll doesn't mean everybody triggering you is. Is this baiting too?
  5. Let me start off by saying I've been muted a couple of times now. First by yelling "fuck chinese gold sellers" in Ironforge during the related apocalypse. Justified I feel. Second one was mentioning that I like chinese mages, I've met a quite a few and they all deny a tip for water and food. Third one was today. I asked Vivalacartel for the price of the Devilsaur set, he said 410 gold. I told him I would take it for free or I would kill him in Un'goro. The sentence contained "i will kill you" and I imagine this is what triggered it, since I was instantly muted after that. Be careful what you write, the system is really sensitive...