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  1. Netherfrost

    ZG, AQ20-40, Black Wing Lair, Naxxramas

    [citation needed]
  2. It sounds good on paper, but I dont think it would work practically. How many wouldn't have quit if all the release dates were just a bit more realistic?
  3. Netherfrost

    Quotes by Killerduki

    "Stupidity is not the lack of knowledge, but the illusion of having it" /Kind Regards Netherfrost (or a bit of Grigore Lulian to be frank about it)
  4. Netherfrost

    Quotes by Killerduki

    If you can't win the olympics, gather braindamage by playing paladin tank in 1.12, and win the paraolympics. /Kind Regards Netherfrost
  5. Netherfrost

    Quotes by Killerduki

    Holy Resistance is a rabbit hole only true addicts even dare to look at /Kind Regards Netherfrost
  6. We promish, we deliver. 20 min 03 seconds @ http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=76800 - Multipov video is in the making as we speak. Oh, and eh, no 110.286 damage ignite on Spider Boss ;)
  7. Investigate the slice and dice mechanic and whether it applied to others if you were looking for evidence.
  8. Netherfrost

    Boss armor values...

    Seems kinda stupid just to bump the armor values, it naturally forces you to go caster heavy to avoid the fix. If you wish to "improve the challenge" adjust the other overall values so it hits any kind of setup.
  9. Netherfrost

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Yes, the same way that you gain hit from 303-305. The formula isnt the same all the way. What I said naturally only applies in the range of 300-315.
  10. Netherfrost

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    LET skillDiff =(attackerWeaponSkill - victimDefenseSkill). This may be negative depending on weapon skill bonuses, and the levels of both the attacker and victim. All calculations take the sign into account; make sure to include it in any formulae. MELEE MISS CHANCE: SINGLE WEAPON BASE MISS CHANCE: =[5.0 base]% =5.0% DUALWIELDING BASE MISS CHANCE: =[5.0 base + 19.0 Dualwielding penalty]% =24.0% PVP: increased/decreased by [0.04*skillDiff]% PVE: (IF attacker is more than 10 skillDiff under victim) increased by [2.0 + (skillDiff + 10) * 0.4]% (otherwise) increased/decreased by [0.1*skillDiff]% = 28% (with 300 weapon skill against a 315 def/level 63/boss target) = 24.5% (with 310 weapon skill against a 315 def/level 63/boss target) = 24% (with 315 weapon skill against a 315 def/level 63/boss target) ALWAYS CAPPED AT MAX 60% [SOURCE: https://github.com/elysium-project/server/blob/development/src/game/Objects/Unit.cpp, line 3071] MELEE DODGE CHANCE: PVP: =[victimDodgePercentage]% PVE: =[5.0 base - 0.04*skillDiff]% [SOURCE: https://github.com/elysium-project/server/blob/development/src/game/Objects/Unit.cpp, line 2519] GLANCING BLOW: CHANCE TO GLANCE: =[10.0 + ((victimDefenseSkill - attackerBaseWeaponSkill)*2)]% where attackerBaseWeaponSkill is capped at attackerMaxSkillValueForLevel=(5*level) =10% chance against a 300 def/level 60 mob =40% chance against a 315 def/level 63/boss mob [SOURCE: https://github.com/elysium-project/server/blob/development/src/game/Objects/Unit.cpp, line 2519] GLANCE PERCENT: https://puu.sh/vQSJT/cc8b20cabf.png ATTACK-RESULT ROLL ORDER: 1.MISS 2.DODGE 3.PARRY 4.GLANCING BLOW 5.BLOCK 6.CRIT 7.NORMAL The outcome of an attack is determined by a roll of 1-10000; representing a percentage out of 100 accurate to 2 decimal places (1.00-100.00). Because Misses are prioritized over Crits, your +crit is not representative of your actual chance to crit: [Real chance to crit] <= [Displayed +crit%] This is what’s known as “crit being pushed off the table” Gathered info from guildie/Sheet by another Because the weaponskill affects the white hits only.
  11. Netherfrost

    MC Math

    Dreamstate has never completed a full TF in the whole lifespan, of the vanilla servers we've played on, in neither Nost/anathema NOR Emerald Dream (ED release -> ~AQ release where we made the transition), spreading our tanks on up to 3-4 different MC runs, and when not, typically split raiding. The only exception being tanks we recruited who already had a Garr binding. We started MC raiding around October/September 2012, and then theres ~10 months of nost being down. Bitch pls.
  12. Netherfrost

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Especially looking for the following classes: Warlock Druid Shadow Priest Shaman Warrior (Prot)
  13. Netherfrost

    Bloodvine vs T2.5

    Keep in mind 10 spell penetration is worth ~2.5% avg dmg gain.