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  1. Ok this was pretty funny actually ^^ If it's true, take him ! Old dogs are the best.
  2. Moonspeak

    Music Thread

    @b-bitslayer: Wow, another really great album ! Really cool as a background music. In another style :
  3. Moonspeak

    Music Thread

    @Funktion1 : Nice album, thanks :) A little bit of softness :
  4. Moonspeak

    Music Thread

    @Volts : Yeah I agree, they're pretty good, I particularly like Andromeda. Something groovy ? Why not this :
  5. Moonspeak

    Word Association

    Hum, let's see... Headphones ?
  6. Moonspeak

    Music Thread

    Yeah, a music thread :) You guys have some good stuff here ! @lumpyI really like yours. @TheOfficialLionthese remind me of Nujabes, do you know some other similar artists by any chance ? My small contribution :