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  1. "Closed/hidden dkp bids".. this guild is a joke. The amount of officer coruption / loot whoring and dkp manipulation is absurd. Can't believe I actually willingly played with them.
  2. Dunkz

    Alliance plebs in AV

    So glad I am over this bs. Alliance go full potato. More concerned with BD than winning themselves. They could win every game easy cause of how the towers are setup from rushing but choose to cry and turtle instead so no one wins.
  3. Dunkz

    only one AV avaiable?

    Any AV after AV3 will also be numbered AV3. AV4,AV5 etc are all AV3.
  4. If alliance rushed instead of being so concerned turtleing / defending bd, they could win easier and faster. Seriously..
  5. 20g a stack plaguebloom, groms 16-20+g throughout the day.
  6. Past week herbs have barely been spawning and it is starting to really affect the market now. This needs fixing asap before BWL comes out so people can afford / make cons again.
  7. If both teams put out equal offense with a few people on defense, Alliance will win 9/10 games because of how much easier it is for them to take both of hordes towers at their gy and defend their towers at aids. Fact. Alliance are just bad from my experience with their turtle strat trying to make 10 gold an hour.
  8. Alliance are legit just too stupid to win. It is as simple as that. Like I stated before it is easier for them to win the base rush but they choose to miserably fail at defense instead with 0 offense. If it was only 1-2 sure, that would make sense. But its like 5-10 mid field, 5 at aids, 5-10 running around not useful anywhere and the rest at IWB. This is why I won nearly every game and would go on 10 game win streaks. I still had to afk out of stalled AV's that were going on for hours and still in mid field with 0 objectives taken.
  9. Alliance chose to defend / turtle instead of trying to win. It is easier for Alliance to win, they can get double tower + the gy much easier compared to horde.The double tower makes all the difference in the rush.
  10. Exalted now. I saw Alliance win 7 times total.
  11. They are too stupid to understand this.
  12. Dunkz

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Maybe premades can only fight premades with similar size or 2-3 party leeway difference. There needs to be like 3x the amount of pug alli to compensate for the chinese afking and botting..