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    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Reduced respec cost: 50g cap is unbelievably restrictive, it segregates a large amount of population into pve/pvp specs only. Release the AV 1.4/1.5 Patch beginning of June instead of end of month for Elysium. Possibly re-enable multi-BG queue so we dont have to just wait for that 24 minute WSG queue to pop.
  2. Irregardless

    IMPORTANT! We must unite!

    As your friendly neighborhood BG heal-bot, I support your cause....because being viper stung on sight bloooows.
  3. Irregardless

    Cannibalize is not working

    I can't find where on the bugtracker link I can submit new issues, it only lets me search. Can someone else please submit this bug for all realms, there is one currently for Zek, but this exists on every realm from I can tell.
  4. Irregardless

    Cannibalize is not working

    Still not working after the brief maintenance. Just tried to use it.
  5. Irregardless

    Cannibalize is not working

    Trying to use it on humanoids in SM and other mobs, says there are no nearby corpses to eat. On elysium pvp server
  6. Irregardless

    Permanent -13 Stats from NPC

    Was fighting NPCs that gave a curse debuff of -13 spirit, but it is now on my character's stats permanently even after the debuff is gone, and even after I kill my character and resurrect. Character name is Irregardless on Elysium PvP server.