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  1. Even my university had a better case than this
  2. I am hearing from many people, lots of people - I have many many friends on this server, on the server Elysium - I am hearing from them that there is a very very sharp decline in the number of people playing on their servers. I am here today to speak to the Elysium people directly, without the twisting and lying of the media, and I am here to tell you, the people of this great server, that yes your population is shrinking but it is not for bad reasons. No it is not for bad reasons - that's true. It's true - the recent decline in population is at least in part due to our extended efforts to take our continent back. As you know, I have started a movement since January to rid the Eastern Kingdoms continent, specifically the lowbie zones of Elwynn, Westfall, Redridge, Wetlands, Dun Morogh, and Loch Modan, of all night elf lowbies who are invading our lands as level 1, level 2, running for up to an hour across the Wetlands to enter our starting areas. They come in with lots of problems and they steal our quest mobs, they steal our resources, and they steal our spots in groups. They're noobs, they're keyboard turners, and some, I assume, have played WoD. But we have clearly been succeeding in persuading them to at least stay on their own continent of Kalimdor, or better yet, quit the game entirely. So I am here to reassure you that while you may see the population in numbers being decreased, that many of those leaving were harming our community anyway. @RealTrumpnado
  3. As you may recall, I am the leader of the movement to block night elves from sending their extreme lowbies (under 30) to the Eastern Kingdoms to level up in the human, dwarf, gnome starting areas. You can easily level to 30+ on Kalimdor before starting STV, and there's really no reason to migrate across wetlands at level 2 or stand in Menethil begging for a mage portal because you rolled a night elf. For more info about the movement in general, see this thread: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/34220-lowbie-night-elves-swarming-eastern-kingdoms/ And join the movement on twitter @RealTrumpnado After trying some measures to extremely vet or encourage night elf lowbies to self-deport back to Kalimdor, I have found the most successful method is to refuse to group with a PUG that contains a plurality of night elves, or a night elf group leader. Additionally, mages should refuse to provide conjured goods for night elf lowbies in the Eastern Kingdoms, and you should downrank the buffs you cast on them in your PUG if you are forced to group with them. stay tuned for more ideas or post your own [email protected]
  4. we need to extremely vet these qiraji before opening the gates, and also deal with the night elves who come over the eastern kingdoms as level 2 or 3 and steal our quest mobs when they should be leveling on kalimdor until at least 30+ @RealTrumpnado
  5. Trumpnado

    Totally new to Vanilla

    the most noob friendly class is paladin by a large margin. if horde, be warlock. i am saying this because as a noob you won't have the discipline to farm up 100g before level 40. also, paladin is legit the most easymode class even without the free mount. anyone who says hunter, is ignoring level 1-10 and the fact you have to manage 2 aggro radius, your pet has a giant radius because its always at least 1 level under, and its almost starcraft level of micromanagement. @RealTrumpnado
  6. too bad it wasnt a night elf
  7. Trumpnado

    We stand and fight

    This is a fake news story as long as our leaders refuse to deal with the enemy WITHIN the alliance, which by the way is not the defias (very unfair quest title and at least VanCleef is a strong leader). the enemy within the alliance is the night elf faction, who send their lowbies in legions across the great sea at level 1, level 2 to crawl across the wetlands and enter OUR lowbie zones, STEAL OUR quest mobs, and STEAL our loot, resources, etc that they can farm just as easily on kalimdor where THEY BELONG. ATTENTION ALLIANCE PLAYERS: DO NOT GROUP WITH ANY NIGHT ELVES FOR LEVEL 30 AND UNDER INSTANCES. THEY BELONG ON KALIMDOR UNTIL 30+. DO NOT ABET THESE LOWLIFES join the movement: @RealTrumpnado
  8. thats cloudflares doctored count and its not pages its requests. also, anything leaked could be permanently cached
  9. this is fake news! I think the players want to focus on the real issues of night elf lowbies ramapging into the eastern kingdoms, some as low as level 2, to run into dun morogh and elwynn and steal our quest mobs and experience, and slow down the whole alliance because they can't figure out how to level on their own continent @RealTrumpnado
  10. http://thehackernews.com/2017/02/cloudflare-vulnerability.html https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13718752 Recently, a google security expert found a massive vulnerability in the Cloudflare CDN which is similar to but worse than the "heartbleed bug" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dOCHwf8zVQ) which can be used by malicious attackers. Here is how it works in simple terms: When you make a request for a resource, the response is data from a set amount of the server's memory. The Cloudflare vulnerability causes the response to contain a larger segment of data than is requested, and there is NO way to tell what data is in the adjacent memory to your requested resource. So the adjacent memory can be passwords, usernames, financial data, etc. Using heartbleed, a savvy attacker can try to data mine. Cloudflare's problem, aka Cloudbleed, is much worse because it happens on HTTP (web) requests, and HTTP results are cached (saved) all over the place. So it's very possible that some leaked data is permanently or nearly-permanently cached in google search results. THIS WEBSITE USES CLOUDFLARE (PROOF: http://www.doesitusecloudflare.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Felysium-project.org%2F) Since the admins of this project seem more concerned with perpetuating drama on the announcement boards, I am doing this PSA for them. So you should change your password, and any of your other accounts that have the same password as your Elysium password. EDIT do you guys think with all the enemies elysium has, that this would present an opportunity for them. Nost, Kronos, etc plus all the "programmers" that have left the project pissed off. yeah they are mostly losers but they are angry kids with a lot of free time and they know (some) code. So i would just play it as safe as possible and change your credentials.
  11. UPDATE: i am being tweeted at by a blogger on the Huffington Post. don't they have better things to do? SAD! https://twitter.com/theclevertwit/status/823285225459482625
  12. Trumpnado

    Is this allowed?

    so using the tools isn't against the rules by itself, it has to be used to "negate or bypass mechanics or design"
  13. Trumpnado

    Oldschool WoW Rage Memory Lane

    i remember that on ytmnd
  14. Trumpnado

    Is this allowed?

    so using a standard gaming mouse is also cheating since they frequently let you program buttons to act like multiple keystrokes: http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g600-mmo-gaming-mouse?WT.mc_id=AMR_DR_Q2_FY17_SERP&WT.srch=&cvosrc=ppc.google.{keyword}&cvo_campaign={campaign}&Matchtype={matchtype}&cvo_crid={creative}&partner=DR&category=brand&cvokID={profile_id}|{aff_code}&gclid=CIrktsupg9ICFdGCswody0gEag
  15. Trumpnado

    WDB not recreated

    this only happens when the user attempts to alter the database with a sqlite editor ...