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    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    Hello everyone and thank you for trying to make a proper ShadowPriest thread for all of us interested. I just started playing WoW after almost 10 years of absence. I decided to roll a Dwarf Priest solely for making him Shadow Priest. I litterally have no idea about the class and atm i am trying to figure out how i am going to play the toon on max level. After reading this guide but also other guides written in the long forgotten past i still remain a little confused about some things around the class. For example i cannot fully understand if i have to put 2-3 or 5 points to Shadow Focus. In some cases people say put 2 points and in other cases they talk about 3 or 5. In any case although i realise that it is impossible to have a Talent build that suits both PvP and PvE sadly this is what i wanna do, as in i wanna do both. I will post to yous all a talent build that i was thinking of following, obviously you won't agree but if you don't mind i would like to read some constructive comments about it in order to make my mind wether i have to drop some talents for some others. Looking forward to reading your replies mateys and once again thank you to the person who made this guide here and helped me a lot to realise a few things about the Shadow Priest class. This is the link for the build i was thinking about http://prnt.sc/dyu4ra