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  1. Inkanddagger

    Naxxramas - World Buffs Y/N ?

    Lol I can already see and hear their screams of displeasure. They will be crying for months and months.
  2. Inkanddagger

    Scourge Invasion Guide

    I'd be totally cool with changing it to exalted only as long as I could AT LEAST keep it in my inventory. Definitely BiS tabard.
  3. Inkanddagger

    BIS gear - Anathema

    Knife, what is your opinion on the AQ20 3 piece? That's what I've been using and I enjoy it quite a bit. And what is your preferred MH pre Sting/Pugio?
  4. Confirmed cannot even read.
  5. Quoting this for the kids to reread.
  6. Could Horde's NA top dogs make a comeback? We'll see!
  7. I was actually trying to look this guide up the other day, but was annoyed to find it removed "in protest." Thanks for providing the copy.
  8. Inkanddagger

    BIS offhands for combat daggers?

    Get any of these combinations (no seriously they are all like 1 DPS apart from each other at best): Perdition's Blade + Core hound tooth, Dragonfang Blade + Core hound tooth, Perdition's blade + Dragonfang blade. Once Elysium gets access to AQ20/40, then the AQ20 3 piece is BiS for daggers until Death's Sting/Pugio.
  9. Inkanddagger

    Making money as a 60 Druid with no profs

    I would go for the DM weapon drops asap to make your life easier. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=18531 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=18420#reward-of
  10. Inkanddagger

    feral dps trinket dilemma

    If it really does proc that is so dope.
  11. Inkanddagger

    feral dps trinket dilemma

    Hand of justice is useless for ferals as any "% chance of an extra attack" price don't work while shifted. For cats, Blackhand's Breadth and DFT are BiS.
  12. Inkanddagger

    Anathema Herb Respawn Bugged??

    I used to be able to farm stacks and stacks of dream foil while hunting for Lotus in burning steppes. Hardly any dream foil now.
  13. Inkanddagger

    How to Druid? Macros/hotbars/general tips

    Thanks for the responses, I'll see what I can dig up in regards to a readme for Dr.Druid. I'll also check out DruidFunc when I get home tomorrow and have a free moment.