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  1. fukanoshi

    How to farm gold now?

    Go pickpocket RFD. Around 35-40g/hour
  2. fukanoshi

    AQ40 server first

    Who cares, it`s private server
  3. fukanoshi

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    Does chronometer addon shows crusader proc bar? Because it doesnt show it for me
  4. Hello. I left my charger at work, my phone died now and I can`t connect because I`m using 2-way authenticator. Is there anyway to connect without using my phone?
  5. fukanoshi


    Wrong forum
  6. fukanoshi

    Why has pickpocketing been nerfed to be unblizzlike?

    Well, they fixed RFD junkboxes. Now junkbox gives grey items such as rogue diaries and etc.
  7. fukanoshi

    Junkboxes bug

    Hi. There is a bug with junkboxes. Basically, almost all of the junkboxes are empty. One person on bugtracker made a very detailed explanation why it is bug and put a lot of information that proves this is a bug https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/254 .The problem is why it is marked as invalid bug report? It is pretty obvious that this is a bug, the information in the report proves it. So please devs, fix this bug and let poor rogues get some gold from junkboxes. You know how hard it is to get gold on vanilla...
  8. fukanoshi

    Disappearing Gold

    Also got hacked during weekend. Logged in today - no gold (~400), no consumables (already had consumables for AQ worth couple of thousands) on my main and on my bank, but they left me gear .
  9. fukanoshi

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    Did anyone test if Maelstrom trinket is still worth using on Elysium like it was on Nostalrius?