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  1. unjkeee

    Best realm for newbies

    Usually Elysium have no queue, its temporary thing cuz of ddos
  2. unjkeee

    Best Race for Alliance PVP Rogue?

    Stoneform is pretty useful and have small cd think about it
  3. Привет, подскажите плз нормальную датабазу 1.12.1, db.vanillagaming.com больше не работает, похоже, да и раньше оно работало у меня только с впном. Раньше была ещё пара, но теперь, похоже, ничего не работает, здешнюю тоже убрали при запуске Элизиума, если я прав.
  4. unjkeee

    Tanking Pet Preferences

    Turtles have pretty long cd on shield, arent they?
  5. unjkeee

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    When 1.9 content will be released, lupos will be nerfed. Why you crying about this, when most classes got major buffs through content, and hunter nerfs. Currently is 1.1 or 1.3 w/e with 1.12.1 talents, but since items is old and pet is actually item, all seems legit.
  6. unjkeee

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    lmao, maybe something else for just a hunter's pet? Now pvp pets Lupos > Immune Bat > broken tooth
  7. unjkeee

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    Lupos crit under bestial wrath and FH at lvl 41
  8. unjkeee

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    Damn, swstats addon looks like a mess, too much options. Dpsmat is ount lupos damage but cant show separately your/pet damage. Any other addons?
  9. unjkeee

    Taming owl as horde

    Why so many owl users at server? Is this pet special, huh?
  10. unjkeee

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    thx ill try
  11. unjkeee

    Lvl 1 Twink Veryfriendly

    This is not a hack
  12. If u are starting, just put all in bm till 40, increased hp pet, increased armor, revive,bestial swiftness, unleashed fury, intimidation, bestial discipline, 1 point w/e u want, frenzy and bestial wrath. Dont use pvp or pve specs from beginning
  13. db.vanillagaming.org Any hunter spec is good for pvp depending on your playstyle. With some gear its surv, without its bm
  14. unjkeee

    Lupos DPS vs Wolf DPS

    Its till 1.9
  15. unjkeee

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    Hey guys, tamed lupos yesterday, and when i decided to look at his damage at lvl 27 today, i was surprised, how low his damage on DamageMeters addon, then i realized, that his autoattack doesnt count in dps meter. Only Bite damage is count. What to do guys, go you know which addon can count his damage? (and also i think that will be trouble in dungeon, if leader's dps meter will not count damage =\ )