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  1. Razorwynd

    ZG patch and BRE?

    incorrect, it stacks to three now
  2. Razorwynd

    Needs more Claws - How to Cat

    Like many other people, I have a spreadsheet that attempts to express feral DPS in terms of mathematical equations and a few input variables. This morning I think I figured out a way to incorporate Blood Frenzy into the calculation. To my surprise, Blood Frenzy greatly increases the value of CRIT and subsequently AGI. Given my above assumptions: 1% crit is worth 31.13 AP!! (Hit is worthless since I assume you are hit capped) This would make your 41.8 AGI worth (41.8+ 31*(41.8/20)) = 106.9 AP whereas the 44 STR is only worth 105.6 AP. So if my spreadsheets are a reasonable approximation of reality then it is practically dead even!
  3. Razorwynd

    Needs more Claws - How to Cat

    There is no simple rule here to answer you question. The question of Str vs Agi is really one about AP vs Crit. The more AP you have the more valuable Crit is and the CRIT you have the more valuable AP is... they are like the yin and the yang of melee DPS and you really want a balance of both...But I will try to answer you question, which will require me to make a few assumptions about your char and play style. Given these quoted assuption, then 44 Str would results in a DPS increase of 4.1% and 41.8 Agi would yeild a 3.4% increase in DPS Not sure you would really be able to detect the difference between the two...
  4. Razorwynd

    Feral Cat, Dynamic BiS list v1.0

    I am so glad to see that someone else is thinking very analytically about this type of stuff. I have my own, much less polished, spreadsheet. Having invested a lot of time thinking about this, I can already spot one massive difference between yours and mine. You have the value of %hit is fixed at 15 AP...why would you statically weight %hit at 15 AP in a spreadsheet that is intended to be dynamic? Imagine a very simple world where a feral druid only auto attacks and is not hit capped... If your character tab show that your non-crit non-glancing auto attacks hit for 200 damage then 1% hit would mean 1% of your misses are converted into non-crit non-glancing hits which amounts to a 2 dps increase. We all know that 2 dps amounts to 28 AP, which is a lot more than the 15 AP in the spreadsheet. This is an indication that %hit should not be static (unlike AP the value of both CRIT and HIT depend on how much damage you do)! And since the aim of your project was to have something that was dynamic then I suggest you consider making %hit dynamic as well. I look forward to chatting more about this in the future!
  5. Razorwynd

    [Elysium] DPS warrior spreadsheet

    awesome thanks!
  6. Razorwynd

    Druid Leveling

    GCD in cat form is 1 sec i think
  7. Razorwynd

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    Hello Again @Rhena, I made a suggestion a number of months ago for an alternative way to display buffs/debuffs associated with the unit frames... ...and you kindly replied: I am sure you are still super busy, but I thought I would plant another seed in your head for how to better filter buffs and debuffs associated with the amazing Luna Unit frames. It seems like a quick and functional solution might be to only display buffs (and debuffs) whose remaining duration is shorter than a user-specified time. All the buffs I want to see above my player unit frame are generally shorter than 60 seconds and all the buffs I never want to see above my player unit frame are vastly longer than this. I think that sure a feature would serve to greatly minimize the clutter around player frames that can occur when fully raid buffed.
  8. Razorwynd

    Proc mechanics

    I know my response is a little dated but DMC: Maelstrom has 1PPM This actually means it is trash on feral druids since it uses the attack speed of our current form, which is 1.0 in cat form resulting in a measly 1.6666% chance to proc per hit (white or yellow).
  9. Razorwynd

    Extra Attacks and Rage Generation

    Thanks! and Thanks!
  10. Razorwynd

    Extra Attacks and Rage Generation

    A couple of noob Warrior questions here... 1.) Do extra attacks from: Sword Specialization, Wind Fury, and Hand of Justice provide rage just like a basic auto attack would? 2.) Where can i find a good resource for how extra attack procs are handled on Eylsium? Specifically with regard to chaining together different extra attack procs or procing multiple extra attacks from a single attack. Thanks Razorwynd
  11. Razorwynd

    [Elysium] DPS warrior spreadsheet

    Nice work Steppenwolf One request if I may: Mugger's Belt, as an alternative for Onslaught Girdle for the dagger furry warriors out there. If I knew how to work in Excel I would try to make the change myself, but I don't. If you could explain to me how to add new items, I would gladly try to do it myself (since it is a pretty unusual request). Cheers!
  12. Is there any way to independently adjust the size of the text used for buff/debuff timers and those used for cooldowns? Right now, they appear to be linked. To make matters worse, I can not use omniCC for cooldown timers either because some cooldown timers appear above the pfUI timers (Barkskin; 31 seconds) and others appear below (Innervate; 6 minutes). Also, would it be possible to use the same cooldown color scheme for the buffs and debuffs located by at the minimap? It bothers me that they are all the same ugly yellow orange color. Finally, if anyone has any suggestions for how I can make my druidbar and ItemRack addons fit the pfUI theme a little better, they would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Razorwynd

    How are Druids in world pvp?

    Why would you ever try to get a white hit in between powershifting just to get a chance at a single wf proc? This is just silly! It would mean that you wouldnt have weightstone on (+8 damage) which i am sure would be a huge loss in DPS. *Not to mention the fact that white attacks in caster form pause your white attacks made in cat form until your caster form swingtimer resets, which in general is also a decrease in DPS...as a red druid I will happily agree that if you wanna do max DPS go blue.
  14. Razorwynd

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    @Hummi could you tell me what version of DPSmate you use to track your glancing blows? They don't show up for me with the newest version (b124), and I would love to have access to the same information that you have.