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    When will it merge exactly?

    Goodbye to bank alts?

    Thank you very much for the quick response, Jackal. I understand where you are coming from, and I can only imagine what stress such an opening may have on the servers and your clients. This may, however, very well be a deal breaker for me though as thousands of gold along with mats, consumables, + 250 various items etc. was stored on these characters. Banking and trading (even on a heavily deflated and almost empty server, which was/is Anathema) was a big part of the original vanilla experience for me, and with the stash gone, I do not think I will be returning unless that would be brought back. Several of my guildies have made similar comments and I am sure we are not alone. It would simply be hopeless to see everything gone. I hope you decide to open up for this in the near future. Regards CHIP

    Goodbye to bank alts?

    With recent development and now the reinstating of all characters merely above level 10, won't this be a goodbye to a big part of the community? Not only in terms of the whole process, but also in the form of the fact that we are unable to get our bank alts back? I personally had 3 banks below level 10, which are not all gone more or less? (Please correct me if I am wrong - I haven't had a chance to go through the entire forums for posts regarding this matter). On behalf, CHIP

    Ban the botters?

    After running countless BG's a month back, I would often experience that a whole bunch of rankers would bot throughout the night, including Marlboron the dorf. He openly admitted to botting and blamed it on the fact that his contenders for r14 were botting as well. With the Elysium staff being so focused on people who try and jump fences for levels, gold etc., I don't see why similar actions haven't been taken against the series of rankers who blatantly break the rules in order to break the brackets. And no, I do not run for R14 and never will be, so I'm not bringing it up for that reason. I'm cool with staying in the mid tier.

    is mining worth it?

    I run the Winterspring routes as well as BS, but calling it "fast and easy" is a bit of a statement.

    is mining worth it?

    How on earth do you do that "easy and fast", mate?

    lock - mage profs

    Hi Tailoring is useful at 300 for the setbonus of the Bloodvine Set (+2% crit), but other than that, it's not really amazing. You definitely don't need two of them. It's handy being able to sell off Mooncloth CD's, but there's no need for two. When it comes to gathering professions, herbalism > mining for sure. If you pvp (on mage for instance), then get engineering for gadgets and bombs - it helps a lot.
  8. We got disconnected in our AQ raid and were unable to log back in - however there are no posts about it here on the forums (posts that usually come up every single time) and the server still appears to be online on the realm status page; so is it just down for some people or everyone? I.e. is anyone (you?) playing on Anathema at this point?

    Anathema PvP — Unexpected Downtime: Update

    Anathema was just up for a few minutes at 10:20 GMT+1. It's down again though. Hopefully this is a pointer in the direction that it shouldn't take long now.

    Development Update 08.02.2017

    Is there an estimated downtime on the servers today? :-)

    Addons not showing in the Addons-tab - what to do?

    Worked like a charm - thank you very much! Have a great weekend once you get that far. -Chip

    Addons not showing in the Addons-tab - what to do?

    Odd, they show up on mine. Oh well. Does these work? https://postimg.org/image/ktp6tle2p/ https://postimg.org/image/60mut12lf/

    Addons not showing in the Addons-tab - what to do?

    By the way, your name rings a bell and I actually think I threw DoT's in your party when we slaughtered murlocs last night. I gave your teeny, tiny gnome a pair of epic legs ;-)

    Addons not showing in the Addons-tab - what to do?

    Hey guys, Thanks for the responses so far, they might actually prove helpful. I've linked two images of my AddOns-folder, in which the directory is Desktop/WorldofWarcraft1.12.1/Interface/AddOns - the first one is of the folder itself and the second is an example of the subfolder Bongos. After reading ThreeNill's post, I suspect that the reason why only Gatherer and OmniCC work is because there are no extensions on the folder names unlike every single one of the other addons that do not work - would removing these extensions help? Or should I simply extract the folders one step further, so that all the subfolders and files in i.e. Bongos_v6.10.30 are located directly into the Interface/AddOns-directory? My apologies for asking blindly without checking myself, but I'm currently boarding a domestic flight and am unable to go online at this point. Thanks for the help so far!
  15. Hi guys. Sorry if people have asked this before. I've downloaded the client and everything works. Except for the addons. I've picked up a few (Bongos, Questie, OmniCC, Gatherer, EnemyCastBar and also Bartender as I couldn't get Bongos to work), but after installing them only OmniCC and Gatherer shows up on the list in the Addons Tab. I've ticked the Load Out of Date Addons, but obviously that doesn't do any magic (duh). Is there a quick fix to this? Anything extra I need to extract from the respective addon folders or something I need to rename? The addons were primarily downloaded from addons.us.to but I also tried downloading the newest Questie from Github - no difference, it still doesn't show. I'm running a Mac at this point, not sure that would have anything to do with it, but it's worth handing you that info :-) Can anyone shine some light on this? Thanks in advance Chip