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  1. Myllz

    Bis melee weapons Hunter raid

    Would be really nice if Arlokk's had some kind of stats instead of the shadow proc, then the set would likely be BiS.
  2. lul, I was thinking the same thing.
  3. Myllz

    WSG Mindcontrol out

    Maybenexttime does it because he can't take out Alliance any other way. =\
  4. Myllz

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Show me where I said they don't count, there's nobody playing on the server and that it's completely dead. You show me that and I'll concede the argument.
  5. Myllz

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    I already told you I'm not coming up with numbers. I don't know what's economically viable for the Elysium team and what isn't, so why the hell would I put numbers to it? Maybe they can sustain a server of 3,000, maybe it's 1,000, I have no idea, but it's common sense not to keep pouring money and time into something for a small part of the community. Stop being thick.
  6. Myllz

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    You need to look at it from a cost and maintenance standpoint, though. Having a low population realm may be fine when talking about it from an enjoyment standpoint, but is it feasible from Elysium's standpoint? Is it worth keeping the hardware and GM/development team behind it running to keep a small portion of the community happy? Obviously they want to keep as many people playing and happy as possible, but it gets to a point where it's just not feasible economically or from a time/volunteer standpoint.
  7. Just your typical Horde team composition for any battleground.
  8. Myllz

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Yeah, and Anathema is getting merged into Elysium, so that's not the greatest argument.
  9. Myllz

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    That's not my call, so I'm not going to come up with numbers. That's up to the Elysium staff. If they decide the population of Darrowshire is high enough to sustain their own server, then great. All I'm saying is that the costs of keeping a server running isn't feasible if the demand isn't high enough, and if that's the case it makes the most sense to merge Darrowshire into Anathema/Ely.
  10. Myllz

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Merging Anathema and Elysium doesn't do anything for Darrowshire, which means you're keeping a low population server running with associated costs for a small percentage of the playerbase.
  11. Myllz

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    While I get some people wanting to play on a PvE realm, if the demand isn't high enough then there's not much choice. Keeping a server alive and pouring costs into it doesn't make sense if the population on the realm isn't high enough. If that's the case, merging makes the most sense.
  12. Myllz


    GM's are volunteers and typically have lots of things to look into. Looking through your "data" and restoring/looting items isn't high on the priority list. Sure, it's annoying sometimes, but it's also a free server.
  13. Myllz

    Best places to level pets

    The mobs are low 40's. I used to go there around pet level 35 and would stay there until 55 or so.
  14. Myllz

    Best places to level pets

    My spot of choice was right across the road from the Alliance FP in Azshara. There's a group of around 20 spirits on the ground to the right of the hill. They're quest mobs so sometimes there's competition, but there's enough of them where it doesn't make much of a difference and the quest doesn't require many kills (and not many people quest in Azshara to begin with). I liked going there because they're super easy to kill without needing your pet since they have low health. Half of them are also casters so you can stay at ranged the whole time. Good XP for your pet and fast to farm them solo. They drop decent trash items/cloth, too.
  15. Myllz

    Striker's Garb

    It's designed this way because Blizzard knew Arcane Shot was trash and they were trying to do what they could to buff it so it would be included in Hunter rotations. It's also why you have Arcane Infused Gem from Razorgore. They attempted to give Hunters a buff to arcane damage via the secondary stat bonuses as well as the cost reduction via the set bonus. Unfortunately even with the buffs they tried to throw at it it's still trash, making the set pretty not good.
  16. Myllz

    300+ MS

    300 is pretty bad, it's going to kill you in PvP, especially as melee. Anything over 200 is when I start seeing delays large enough to destroy most chances in PvP.
  17. Basically the complete opposite of this.
  18. Myllz

    This guy is a beast

    You really can.
  19. I kill any and all Undead mages I see, regardless of level. Any other class/race I leave alone.
  20. Someone's leveling an Undead mage and getting ganked repeatedly.
  21. Myllz

    Meanwhile in AB

    They did 4 cap, lol.
  22. Myllz

    Too Many Vanilla Veterans!

    Your best bet is to try and find some leveling friends that are also new to the game/server. The game is old, of course most people are going to be familiar with it, especially on a private server.
  23. Myllz

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    Neither of those two things are main purposes for your pet, the second one especially. If you're buffing yourself with howl and not the four melee in your group you're doing it terribly wrong.
  24. Myllz

    PvP Rank

    At R2 you'll basically just need the minimum of 25 HKs per week to maintain. Edit: Unless you're not max level. At lower levels you may need more.