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  1. Not to necro a post but since nobody else said it.. This IS a PVP server. Get Good! L2P! Multiboxing.. killing all the quest mobs in an area IS exactly what multiboxers do to power level, especially mages! 5 lev 20 mages would demolish packs of lv30 mobs. As for lowbies being camped.. it works both ways.. go to hillsbrad farms and slaughter horde lev20s. It helps if you write down the name of the ganker that was ganking you, so when the lv20s make an alliance alt to QQ you can shift the blame.. so the horde 60s looks like the A-0 <--(that's a hole btw)
  2. gbalkam

    Druid Mace Training

    If anyone else has spent the last 3 hours running around from weapon trainer to weapon trainer to train their druid in 1 hand and 2 hand maces.. Buliwyf Stonehand at Timberline Arms in Military district of Iron Forge to train 1h and 2h maces. Same room as Bixi Wobblebonk, but Bixi does not train maces. I actually went here and did not see Buliwyf lol, so I left to try Darnasus.. then had to come back and look again.
  3. So having tried beta, and noticed no portal in mage tower, after heading to the dark portal, I found the dark portal not working. After spending some time looking for the solution, I figured it out. You have to download client 2.4.3 (burning crusade). I haven't tried yet as the file is still moving to its final destination folder, but I am guessing the realmlist should be the same as for vanilla. I imagine someone will comment if this is not correct. :o) Many new add ons work with TBC but lets hope people don't get to uptight with gearscore. I never did find that useful for dungeons or raids because you could fake the add on out with high level gear even if it was useless.. (like intel cloth for a prot warrior- gearscore would be the same, but warrior may as well wear nothing in that slot)
  4. OP is clueless. Even after Blizzard lowered the requirement from 40/60 to 20/40 and the price to around 10g / 40g there were still gold sellers running rampant. What finally did kill the gold seller trade was Blizzards competing with them by selling in game gold on the Blizzard home page. It cut gold sellers off cold because it just wasn't worth farming gold and trying to beat Blizzards prices. Since gold farmers had to grind out gold and get banned often along the way, and blizzard only had to click a button to generate gold, it became harder to make a profit for gold sellers. On another private server they do the same.. you pay cash to support the server and you get 5k gold for 5GPB. Of course players don't have to buy gold, but some are buying it. So the argument of "flooding the market with gold" doesn't hold water. SOMEONE is selling gold now. But at least the server selling it doesn't spam chat channels, whispers and mail boxes.
  5. gbalkam

    Servers still down?

    Same issue here. Mainly just checking that it isn't just me. At least this isn't 100% blizzlike... blizz would have me delete folders, reinstall etc etc over and over until a week later, they announce a server issue. LOL. To avoid getting in trouble, I shall say "Those that shall not be named in the company starting with B" have the worse tech support and customer service on the planet. I worked in tech support.. 3 reports of no connection and we sent a ticket to engineers to confirm an outage. Sample call to ISP tech support: Frustrated lady customer: Hi, my internet is down. Me: Sorry to hear it, Let me check on that. Hmmm... Ohhhh.. So you must be the one. Curious lady customer" The one? Me: Yeah, we've been getting calls from that area all morning.. apparently you broke the internet. Confused lady customer: I broke the internet? Me: Well it COULD be an outage in your area.. but Im going to keep an eye on you.. Just kidding, we've sent techs out to the area a couple hours ago, they are working on it now. Relieved lady cuatomer Laughing.. Ha, I was wondering how i broke the internet.. Well as long as its being fixed. Me: Yeah, I just wanted to amuse you while I was looking at the reports.. 20 minutes on hold is boring to begin with. Laughing lady customer: LOL.. Well thanks.. Glad to know you guys are working on it. IN that instance, my only job as tech support was to inform customer of an outage and improve her perception of the company by letting her know somebody was listening to her and understood what she was going through. Issue resolved.