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    Music Thread

    My favorite band for years.
  2. SethroTull333

    Cant get past "Connected"

    The other servers are working. I have a hunter on Darrowshire that I'm playing right now. I'd rather be on my shammy in Elysium though.
  3. SethroTull333

    Cant get past "Connected"

    It did the same thing last night. The population has shown "5009" for the last 10 minutes. I don't think they update it in real time.
  4. SethroTull333

    Cant get past "Connected"

    I think Elysium is down. This same thing happened last night around this time and they just had to reset the game or something. Was down about 20 minutes.
  5. SethroTull333

    How to feed hunter pet? Please help.

    If you open your quests, there should be a hunter quest that requires you to travel to the hunters hall in org. That's after you've tamed a surf crawler and armored scorpid.