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  1. I noticed that Zandalarian Hero Medallion and Tiger's Fury are not stacking. At the moment Zandalarian Hero Medallion is overwritten by effect of Tiger's Fury regardless on number of stacks that you have on Zandalarian Hero Medallion buff. Can anyone confirm if that's intended behavior or should those two buffs when used stack? BR, Nolamik
  2. nolamik

    Target dummy

    What can you test in blasted lands?
  3. nolamik

    Target dummy

    But allowing people to test combat inside cap city promote testing! Example right now I don't know the correct proc of some trinkets and I personally don't believe to answers on forums to be correct, unless some1 attach the part of code where that proc is implemented. IF we put target dummies on server people could test stuff easier on live servers and it will also help to identify the bugs. I'm not asking to implement flying pigs I was curious what people think about something that was already avaliable on PTR and maybe we can implement it on live server with minimal impact to blizzlikeness. Also 25g change also made great impact on PvE don't you think? Is that blizzlike?
  4. nolamik

    Target dummy

    Only drawback I can see that it will enable easier training of your weapon skill, but if that can be disabled on dummies I can't find valid reason other than "it's not blizzlike".
  5. nolamik

    Target dummy

    Is 25g respec blizzlike?
  6. nolamik

    Target dummy

    @Nelythia what kind of silly answer is that? Do you have any arguments why are you against it? Is it game breaking? Would it influence PvP or PVE with positive or negative impact?
  7. What do you guys think about implementing target dummies on live servers just like ones that were on Naxx PTR? At the moment i found really hard to test different procs and how much impact will have different gear on dps.
  8. nolamik

    Best offhand weapon

    @Whitewolf thank you for explaining me :)
  9. nolamik

    Best offhand weapon

    Weapon is not speaking to me.
  10. nolamik

    Best offhand weapon

    @Whitewolf did you even read first post?
  11. nolamik

    Best offhand weapon

    Hello I was wondering if someone can explain what is best offhand weapon for rogue and why. I'm not looking for specific weapon but a characteristic explanation like its better to use fast weapon, slow weapon, weapon with more dps etc.. Best regards, Nolamik
  12. nolamik

    Viability about feral druid dps in Vanilla PvEHL

    If you are measuring druid only as feral DPS then he is not viable because badly geared rogue will output same DPS. As feral druid you should be able to fill any role needed depending on situation and not limit yourself to only one aspect. I'm currently running this dps spec http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0x0VhoZE0MsfbdtV And I'm able to dish out ok DPS and MT/OT bosses and trash in raids + when needed I can gearswap and take dispel/heal role in raid. Only drawback is that you will need a shit ton of gear (heal/tank/DPS/NR) and your bag will be constantly full .
  13. nolamik

    Feline swiftness Bugged?

    I'm sure there was no hunter in group ^^ I also noticed in Mara shallow water pools -->>(one that you can't dive in) can trigger the effect.
  14. nolamik

    Feline swiftness Bugged?

    Hey I noticed that after latest update sometimes I get 30% movement speed in cat form from talent Feline swiftness in instances like MC,AQ,BWL and Mara. Not sure what triggers it or is it intended behavior of that talent? Is it considered exploiting?
  15. nolamik

    Kudo to SoR Fix soon!

    Any1 know the correct formula for swing damage of SoR?