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  1. Lylani

    Let's Save Darrowshire

    I truly hope they keep it PvE. Of course I voted Yes. ?
  2. No PvE server? That's not fair to the ones who like the PvE server like me and I'm sure many others. Looks like I'll be looking for another place to play.
  3. Lylani

    Annoying Gold Sellers

    Yes they are. I am really tired of getting spammed by the ingame mails.
  4. Lylani

    Trouble with 2F

    I have it working!!! Tried one more time and it finally kicked in. Thank you all for the support. :)
  5. Lylani

    Trouble with 2F

    Thank you again for the reply. I apologise if I am a pain, but I am really enjoying being able to play Vanilla again and I want to do it safely. My control Panel account page looks nothing like yours. It looks like it does before you activate any 2F. As I said, after I scanned the bar code with Google Authenticator, the 6 digit number popped up on my phone.
  6. Lylani

    Trouble with 2F

    Thank you. :) Yes, as soon as I scanned the bar code, the 6 digit number popped up on my phone. Then I followed the link.
  7. Lylani

    Trouble with 2F

    Still getting the same message when I try to Enable the Authentication. Anyone else with this problem? If so how did you fix it? If fixed at all?
  8. Lylani

    Trouble with 2F

    Can I request a new 2F? Or are you only allowed one time? Still not working for me.
  9. Lylani

    Trouble with 2F

    Have tried that and unfortunately it didn't work, but thank you. Any other advice would be great.
  10. Lylani

    Trouble with 2F

    I am having trouble enabling my Always Use Authenticator. I have already scanned the Bar Code. When I click on the link it opens the Control panel and says... Access denied. :( You do not have the clearance to view this confidential page! I am already signed in the Control Panel page with my user name and password. Are there problems with the site? Or is there something wrong with the enabling?
  11. Lylani

    New and Need Help

    Thank you so much. And thank you for the fast reply. Very much appreciated. :)
  12. Lylani

    New and Need Help

    I've been a lover of WoW since June of 2005. Vanilla days were and always will be the best times for me. I would love to play Vanilla again and just a question if I may. Do I need to log in with my WoW name and password I use now, (I am playing Legion as of now) or is there another name and password to use after I download the client? Am really excited to be able to go back to the good old days. :)