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  1. Flexi

    Bannable offense?

    100+ large amounts hmm :thinking: I have transferred thousands of golds between characters and through the goblin AH and never had issues. I think you will be okey.
  2. Flexi

    Development Update 14.10.2017

    Ok thanks. This is what I wanted to know. Certainly a much better reply than the one I got above. Perhaps players should try and be a little less know-it-all when they dont actually know.
  3. Flexi

    Development Update 14.10.2017

    From what I could find, the bonuses seem to have worked at one point. https://github.com/elysium-project/server/issues/542
  4. Flexi

    Development Update 14.10.2017

    So wait, are you saying the bonuses never worked? How come so many were using the set?
  5. Flexi

    Development Update 14.10.2017

    So thats why the bonuses did not seem to do anything. Thats kinda lame. I spent hundreds of gold on this set and have passed items like Truestrike and Cadaverous to guildies because of the bonuses. Im really not a big fan of retroactively nerfing item sets like this with no prior warning. I mean sure, you can say its my fault and all for not checking, but if I had to go dig into every single item in the game that I think about aquiring, and then get backup gear for every slot while trying to balance hitcaps for every possible item nerf, well. I would never have the time to play the game.
  6. Flexi


    Get Questie and some map addon like Cartographer
  7. He was dead yesterday when I went there to turn in some quests. So I guess people still do him.
  8. Flexi

    ganker name

    Salt mining company
  9. This happens to me during peak hours. Seem fine otherwise. I guess due to lag.
  10. Unless he took it after losing the roll, whats the problem here exactly? I would use those leggings on my Hunter if I could. They have great stats. Not everyone have access to raid epics or have an interest in raiding.
  11. Battlegrounds are probably in the game because players enjoy battlegrounds. Rewards will be added when they are supposed to.
  12. Currently there's not that much to do in PvE until BWL/ZG is added. A few of us from the guild <Nidvardir> got bored, and decided to see how quick we could run Stratholme Undead. In an attempt to do some community building, we now officially challenge you to beat our timer which was 20 minutes from the time the 45 min timer started and until Rivendare lay dead. We are hoping somebody will take us up on the challenge, and do even better than we did.
  13. Flexi

    negative Armor (red)

    I believe I tested this on nost where the same bug existed. It is just a display bug and you have the correct amount of armor. Still annoying.
  14. Flexi

    Which bosses can you solo at 60?

    I've been doing Maraudon as a feral. Figured that Rotgrip is easy when stacking dodge gear. If you can reliably reset the bleed before it reaches 5-6 stacks, and heal around 40% health you are fine. I have 17.6% dodge and 10k armor in Bearform in the gear I kill him with.