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  1. Try the one inside AV, the prospector usually give the quest
  2. Warlogy

    Another AV lose fest

    You can get exalted with AV in a weekend just by losing, getting reputation on this server is extremely easily
  3. I think the changes help hybrid, all holy paladin or resto druid can effectively respect to another spec if they wish to do pvp or simply farm\grind without being stuck with a healing roles. you're taking the wrong side of the medal with your argument, I'm pretty sure most of hybrid appreciate this change knowing that they will be able to respect and enjoy other spec much more accurately without having to farm hours just to spec properly for raid. Lets be honest, prot paladin, ret paladin and feral druid raiding are extremely scarce compared to resto druid and holy paladin. The vast majority of the community of hybrid spec accordingly for raid, as they should, i'd never take a ret paladin or a prot one for raid, but that purely personal i understand, feral are another matters, as they can be effective in raid. just my opinion
  4. Warlogy

    Wrath 8 set bonus: useful?

    It really clear, you get 4% chance to parry an attack after a block '' 4% chance to parry the next attack after a block. ''
  5. Herbalism, and don't buy useless shit, and sell your useless shit, there always someone to buy it
  6. Warlogy

    Which realm?

    It is really down to Pve realm - Much more progress into naxx realm - a pvp bwl open progress server.
  7. Warlogy

    Too Many Vanilla Veterans!

    There as been so many private servers over the past decade trying to mimics vanilla WoW, so many wipe, so many characters losts. Most players have been throughout some of them and ended up catching all the knowledge at some points, after releveling multiple characters cause servers can't stay open more than a years really gives you an advantage once you start over again.
  8. Every server as their own philosophy and guidelines, they made the server, make it works, fix it, etc they decide the rules, it really is that simple
  9. @Justme Why not? We have all the game knowledge, why not use it accordingly? Any decent guild will require proper spec and consumable, and since when is min\maxing bad? I don't understand.
  10. Warlogy

    Fury leveling

    Go arms at 40, sweeping strike+ms is to good to pass on + with World pvp you'll stand a chance with stance dancing
  11. He was rested, rested is double experience, and somehow? your friend got exactly the double of your experience, I don't think that a coincidence. He might just have entered a inn without you for 2m and got rested for 1 mobs
  12. You should always have your better spec in raids, tanking any raid as arms or fury is just retarded and uneffective, as much as any DPS warrior should be fury and not arms to be able to pull as much dps as he can.
  13. BiS list is your friend, Farm gold, get exalted with av etc etc
  14. Warlogy

    DC me after login

    Remove any model edit you have, or anything that modify your WoW