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  1. Paditz

    2H Weapon tier list (Horde)

    No valid argument so just construct a very non productive reply, sounds familiar
  2. Paditz

    2H Weapon tier list (Horde)

    Yes laugh at the server that had the best core of any private server to date
  3. Paditz

    2H Weapon tier list (Horde)

    Mong with a mong reply, retail BRE prof chance is 15% and I'm assuming it's the same here. It's extremely easy to maintain stacks as I used it for 3 years on feenix. Look at the maths, even 1 proc is very slightly below deoi in damage monG
  4. Paditz

    2H Weapon tier list (Horde)

    maths > small braiN REDACTED
  5. Paditz

    2H Weapon tier list (Horde)

    Bonereaver is the best weapon you can get in vanilla for pvp (if 1.12 version)
  6. Paditz

    Lupos vs BT

    BT > any other pet in pvp also on the top pic, that's a level 40 Lupos which I abandoned for BT))
  7. Paditz

    Lupos vs BT

    Farming BT on old nost was a joke
  8. Paditz

    Best decision since ages

    Hahaha Pottu did the right thing and then they realised "Fuck, 90% of he server donations has just disappeared! Unban the Chinese!" followed by a bullshit excuse
  9. Paditz

    Saving Vanilla after TBC.

    My suggestion: once ely has reached naxx, open transfers from anathema, keep a 1x server and turn Anathema into a high rate(12x or something) server, add more pvp encouraging stuff such as WSG marks for gold. this keeps the 1x nerds happy and there's also meni people who'd like a GOOD high rate server tl;dr make feenix great again
  10. Paditz

    is alcors still better than tf?

    I tested feenix and rage was 100% working(including armour), atleast on warsong, its just bosses were buffed hard and hit a lot harder.
  11. Paditz

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    I wouldn't mind that, all that's left of anathema pvp is china, full china prem on ally and 9 China pugs on horde
  12. Paditz

    is alcors still better than tf?

    Alcor is bis on any infinite rage situation as mentioned above Which is why everyone used it on feenix as on most bosses you had infinite rage due to the buffed content.
  13. Idk why would you go a specific spec just to kill 1 class/race combo that you barely ever see thats just the best overall rogue spec
  14. Paditz

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Players will now only be able to queue for Battlegrounds in smaller groups how small?