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  1. I'm using google authenticator addon from my browser for my 2 factor authentication. Everything has been peachy until today. Suddenly I was asked to input PIN when I logged in. I have a static IP address so I don't know what's going on with that. I've also been asked to input authentication when logging in or out of the elysium-project website. I've tried enabling to always use 2 factor, then I disabled always use 2 factor, then enabled use authentication on IP changes. None of that has worked. Please help! Thank you.
  2. Zakmuffin86

    Lupos - Still good?

    Uh lupos is great for a while. I dunno if he'll get changed next month, but he's definitely worth picking up until the change.
  3. Does anyone know how much spell damage gets added to spells for vanilla patches?
  4. Zakmuffin86

    The Broken Succubus

    This happens to me all the time. My succy bugs out, stands around, and requires that I have auto cast seduction on and have her attack a target to get her to seduce. Sometimes it works when I'm in range and have her seduce, but it mostly doesn't work. I don't remember having so much trouble with pet controls. I mostly played a lock in TBC and mained one WotLK. I did level a lock to mid 20's in vanilla around or before AV released and I didn't have all these issues. I use bongos action bars if that's at all relevant.
  5. Zakmuffin86

    Stam/Int - How much is needed?

    For PvE raiding the only stats that matter are hit>spell>crit. It really depends on the patch you're in though. Stam and Int shouldn't be your concern for anything other than PvP. Protection potions should be used for any fight where you'd be taken unavoidable AE damage.
  6. Zakmuffin86

    Cant get the start quest for Dreadsteed mount!

    The warlock dreadsteed isn't int the game until the AV patch. That's patch 1.5.
  7. Zakmuffin86

    How Does Enslave Demon Work?

    Not sure what patch you're in, but you rarely have the opportunity to enslave demons. The three second cast time will get you killed when the demon turns on you, as it can break at any time. I've used it on those elite demons in wintersprings to do a little bit of farming, but when those felguards turn on you, you don't have a lot of time to weigh your options before you're three shot.
  8. Zakmuffin86

    Gnome Engineering Racial

    Hi, I'm playing on ZK at the moment. I was wondering if the gnome racial was bugged. Isn't it suppose to give me a +15 skill bonus when making items for the purpose of keeping them orange, yellow or green for longer? Thank you.