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  1. Timergu

    Twinking Shaman?

    You forgot druid. Ghost Wolf is cool tho.
  2. Timergu

    Prot Warrior Guide by Armilus v2

    If you had read the guide you would know that threat from buffing is divided among the mobs so battle shout gets worse the more mobs there are.
  3. Timergu

    pure avoidance vs +defense (for crit immune)

    I thought block couldnt push crit of the attack table.
  4. Timergu

    The Spell Hit debate

    You can test it. Get as much crit as possible and no hit. Cast 10000 shadowbolts on a boss. Post results.
  5. Timergu

    What level frostbolt for raiding?

    Even if youre Winter chill specced its not worth downranking first five casts
  6. Timergu

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    Ah youre probably right. The only wepon i know of that got no damage spread is a crossbow.
  7. Timergu

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    In the bugtracker you linked the qa guys says he tested using a ranged weapon. I thought ranged attacks couldnt be glancing?
  8. Timergu

    Shaman Bug's listed, tested and cofirmed.

    2. Are you trying to say that windfury has too long internal CD? 3. Stormstrike debuff only adds dmg to Nature spells. Windfury isnt a Nature spells. 4. Are you sure procs can proc wf? 5. Youre probably seeing the wrong stats because you havent deleted your wdb folder.
  9. I belive its 27 and 24 if you have 5 wep skill.
  10. Can windfuryprocs be glancing? Heroic strike cant be glancing. So if a naxx geared worldbuffed bis war can generator enough rage to use HD on every strike +wep skill becomes really weak?
  11. Timergu

    How to gear elemental PvP shaman at lvl 60

    Use mail armor and a shield then just get as much stam int spelldamage and spellcrit as you can
  12. Timergu

    Healing Stream scales with +heal

    Full T2 is shit.
  13. Timergu

    Elysium & Zeth'Kur PVP Gear

    It would require a new client.
  14. Timergu

    Shaman Healing Instances

    Dont spam lowrank inefficient heals like the first guy said. Download theorycraft and use it to see mana efficency on your heals. Try to only use your most efficient heal wich will be max rank healing Wave. Use unit frames like Luna that preshows how much health your heal will restore to avoid överhealing. Remember the 5 second rule. I've healed everything up to rfd with only reduced casttime on healing Wave and havent had much problems.
  15. Timergu

    Enhancement Leveling Help

    Flametongue wep and whatever shock u got most recently.
  16. Timergu

    Totems to use in groups

    Just dont break cc with fire totems. Interesting idea using agi and flametongue totem. I hadnt thought about that.