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  1. Try to be more clearer here by restating my question 1 button on one action bar on one stance im trying to write or make a macro for. I want to push a button, exactly where I just said to put it at, that checks combat status. no matter what if in combat, cast intercept. if not in combat, and if my rage is 50 or more, then cast intercept if not in combat, and the previuos arguement returns false that rage is 50 or more and its not, then cast battle stance. i dont nkow if i shoujld just read macro code book or instructions until i understand it myself or what. Just asking for help on a forum
  2. no this is why im asking. i dont need someone to spell out to me what needs to be done i know how to argue it i just dont know how or if i can write it in their langauge they provided your first of 2 quotes, .. contains 3 spells. you cant even do that, when theres an arguement involved your 2nd macro is seperating what im trying to check. which i put already. its like totally different than my question. i guess i dont know i guess ill just go find a book and read it. instead of having people copying me. this is what forums are for is to get people to help. if u think im too stupid to get it i dotn know whyu you came to a forum for.
  3. ldrancer

    [GUIDE] 1.12.1 Warrior Macros

    is there anyway to add to the /run if UnitAffectingCombat("player") then CastSpellByName("Intercept"); else CastSpellByName("Battle Stance"); end; script, to besides check if im in combat and swapping to battle stance to also check for amount of rage and if its 50+ then also check if im in combat and if out and rage isnt 50 or + then to swap to battle stance then. becuase i could have 90 rage and i dont want to dump my 90 rage to do a charge, at least not in every situtation. and i want to use the one key for all my charging needs without needing to check if im dumpiong 30 rage.
  4. ok just rechecked, and its not paying attention to in battle while checking mana if i am in battle. out of battle,i have no problem swapping to battle stance from berzerker.
  5. well, i swapped around the > for < for less than or = 50 mana because it was casting Battle Stance when i was smashing the macro in berzerker stance. then it started doing intercepts. but then i noticed over 50 mana, it changes me to battle stance now. i think im asking for a kind of "feature" but im wondering if its in the game by this arguement trying to make of 2 situations. it just wants to check one then run, if one becomes default state then the other becomes the decider. so its like it isnt paying attention to the in battle argumeent any more. but checking against my mana to decide to whether cast battle stance or intercept.
  6. Pretty much, I'm trying to add these 2 together. This is from a macro I read about to auto switch from Berzerker stance to Battle to use a charge or intercept depending on if you were in battle or not. It was 2 macros each, that you put in the same slot on your action bar in each stance if you wanted one. I don't have problems with using intercept and dumping rage if I'm in battle, but I do have a problem if I;m out of combat, and just accumulated like 90 rage and then push the key to Charge/or Intercept and just got out of combat and it dumps 65 rage leaving you from 90 with 25 then charges to give you back to 40. thats 50 rage and a Bloodthirst attack dumped. well minus the intercept, so a loss of a free bloodthirst attack and -10 rage from intercept, plus the .. ah ok i guess you get the idea. I dont charge/intercept into a battle knowing im going to have to intercept another mob, without doing so knowing. So, When i press the key, i dump my rage, to charge/intercept. this is the macro for berzerker stance im using. /run if UnitAffectingCombat("player") then CastSpellByName("Intercept"); else CastSpellByName("Battle Stance"); end; I'm trying to get it to both check if im in combat, if not then check if my rage is over 50, if it is then cast intercept and end. if not then cast battle stance From using the macro i read here ;;https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/57800-solved-warrior-getragepoints-macro/ /script if UnitMana("Player")>=10 then CastSpellByName("Demoralizing Shout"); else CastSpellByName("Bloodrage"); end; thats the macro for checking the rage with. if anyone can figure it out, thanks.
  7. ldrancer

    [Addon] ModifiedPowerAuras

    can you make an instruction manual for this? i just tried using it to do what power auras WAS doing, that is to show a notification when i mount up. i done it by having it animated for 1 second. 0 meant it stayed on screen. this, just stays on screen. theres no forever animation settting. i get an error when trying to set any animation setting. and after messing with it, i found it had my same color scheme as power auras for the same icon set, then when i disabled it and relogged, my scrolling combat text wasnt working. restarting my game now to see if it works. im just goinna use power auras since all i needed was something ot alert me when i was mounted, and anything extra would of been neat. but this doenst work and jut broke everything unless you got a manual. which everything seems to not have nowadays. its just here use it. oh doenst work your fault. durp durp. this thing broke my game. not only has it done that, i can only get stock damage on me to show now disabled scrolling combat mod, and my other mod that shows on my character bar damage done, i use 2 of them pfui and luna both, neither shows it now. i deleted some settings luas from mpowa while hte game was running and reloaded the ui. now my whole games messed up. make an instruction manual, cnat veven get this "modified" version to do what the ohter one did.
  8. ldrancer

    Mob Flee Speed

    yea this has been what has kept me from staying around and playing much either. too far chase length, hamstring can't slow them on regular applys, and as they try to escape near death, and running away, its just a chase to kill them, playing melee, which i have, been, has been just too much dying over and over and not much like doing quests
  9. ldrancer

    Mob Flee Speed

    yea even hamstring doenst work sometimes right i dont know why it does or doesnt when it does, either. also they chase for a bit too long, about 50% more than i would think.
  10. ldrancer

    had 2 characters before

    on the old server. i was on the pve server. now im playing, and they are both on the test realm. is it possible to move them over to the other server? thanks