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  1. Check discord for their staff list, every role is listed with the name of those in each role. Don't worry, at some point they release a statement that they will never never never gonna do shady stuff again, wink wink.
  2. and you while believe them? You know it's not the first time they are caught stealing from the donation money, it's just the first time someone did something serious to stop them. If you deal with the same people, you will get the same result.
  3. Oudeis

    Fresh Realm Name?

  4. Oudeis

    Status Update: 1st of November!

    Thanks to remind everyone you said realm would be up in few hours since 17 Oct. eLIEsium ftw!
  5. Oudeis

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    I don't see that happening anytime soon. Merge before Ely Naxx patch? So you remove gear and a raid tier from Anathema player? That stupid. Merge right when Ely get Naxx? Boom, new raid... with 20%(looking at the population atm) already geared with that raid gear, not great... Merge when Ely is a couple of month inside Naxx? Will there be a server left to merge with? Also merging server with 1,5k / 2k?No Thanks, Ely crash way more often then the 2 others, that mean it already struggle with it`s current population. Those population are right now perfect minus horde Darrowshire. But who even care, if a side as bad population on a pvp server that might mean the other faction are just ganking them to hard and they are leaving because of that. On a pve server, if one side struggle it's because they are so toxic they have push away their own faction. Now they cry on this forum like what Nelythia do.
  6. Oudeis

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Anathema and Darrowshire are close enough in term of population, even more when you count that Anathema just got new content while Darrowshire is about to get some so they are still doing the same stuff as 9 months ago. Those that heard about Nost after it was close and wanted to start fresh had choose between PVP and an other PVP. To show how PVP have a bad player retention, they had to close one of the 2. Don't talk about demand when Nost/Elysium have always only offer PVP must of the time. Analogy time : If you make a product only available in the color red then 6 months later you release a green version then 1 year later you do a red only re-release., your numbers will show you sold more red...
  7. Nope, I lack the sociopaths tedency to play on PVP and if crestfall have a PVE server and it's my only option for TBC, Crestfall 2021 here I go! Oh and yes, I did level on Nost PVP because I really wanted too play Vanilla once more, but I was not happy there, guess what, I have reroll on PVE and I have never regreat that decision. If you stay on a server that make you unhappy then yes, you have an issue and you should put some effort on solving your issue yourself. It`s hard but you can do it.
  8. Coming from someone that only come to PVE because they wanted to escape the high pop of Nost and that was too stupid to reroll Elysium, can you just get out? We know you want to switch to a PVP server put your are just too lazy to reroll.
  9. Said Yes, but it's certain if we have a PVE option.
  10. Oudeis

    Development Update 04.10.2017

    Talking about Ahn'Qiraj and Darrowshire, any plan on doing a sneak peek on how you will handle the war effort this time?
  11. Oudeis

    AQ40 Fire Mage PvE specs

    So do the damage of a Oomkin/Ret? That sound sooo fun...
  12. Oudeis

    Concentration not correctly applied?

    working on other private servers, that their issue. working on back in vanilla? You need some prove to say that since it was proven otherwise recently, and this is why it was FIXED on this server. I do wish it was working the other way around, AOE fight would go even better if it's would roll 10% per creature hit and not 10% per cast.
  13. Oudeis

    AQ40 Fire Mage PvE specs

    What is the plan for a mage that want do AQ as fire but also BWL/MC? Are we casting 3 sec frostbolt? I know not all the boss are fire immune but having low dps on Nef must not be fun at all...
  14. Oudeis

    Delete a comment

    I want to bump our old recruitment post but the last comment is a complain about one of our member looting a white item and this is ninja looting for him. I tried to join the player to deal with that but he is not online when I am. Can mod PM me so we can remove that message, I don't think those kind of post belong in a recruitment post anyway. I prefer PM since I don't want more bad attention about this post.
  15. Oudeis

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    Mage have 45% mana regen while casting, Druid got 15% Druid got 0% pushback resistance, fire mage get 70%, and frost get ice barrier if spec frost and not arcane. Mage got non completly useless set piece that allow them to have a base until it's their turn to get the few non tier SP piece. Druid need to compete with everyone else on the non tier piece. Do druid even have threat reduction? I'm not saying Balance is completly useless in raid, but their dps will not be their number one quality. The BR / Mana Regen (using innervate on healer would be better spend) / Damage Bonus are what you bring.