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  1. WTB Chromatic Carapace

    This is a BoP item.
  2. DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    I'm glad that you're still working on it, I love your addon and this site. So much better than sws and realmplayers.
  3. DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    325 in queue now :/ After I just tried to persuade my guild to switch to LL over realmplayers. Now I have egg on my face!
  4. 40+ Ragnaros kills, 0 dragonstalker pants.
  5. DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    These two uploads have been in the queue for several days now, and I believe they may be the culprit for the website's unresponsiveness and the extraordinary queue size at the moment. (Over 100 logs in queue)
  6. Pulling the Emperor only in BRD.

    I meant to add above: Many trash packs can be split pulled in such a way, it's common to see people do this on Firelords in Molten Core as well.
  7. Pulling the Emperor only in BRD.

    Thank you for the speedy response, Hudson. I figured as such for the Emperor specifically, since that is a mechanic of the fight/room. What about in other cases? I hope it's appropriate to ask in this thread. I will make a new thread if you would rather me do so. - Split pulling trash packs. Easily done in Scholomance with caster packs. Shoot a non-caster monster which will run to the group. The casters will stand and cast at the hunter. If someone else hits the monster that walks up and then the hunter feigns, the caster monsters will drop combat. - Feigning off "extra" pulled hatchers in BWL. Hatchers in BWL suppression room will proximity aggro (or chain aggro, however you want to phrase it) other hatchers. However if you feign death after, only the first hatcher will come to the raid. I know this is sortof splitting hairs but these are tactics in use today and I don't want to see any people suspended/banned.
  8. Pulling the Emperor only in BRD.

    I would also appreciate a legit and official response to this... getting conflicting answers. Can we feign death to split pull or not? This tactic is used in many circumstances. In solo environments, dungeons, and raids.
  9. I decided to try out this addon last week with unfortunate results. Multi-shot seemed to always reset the autoshot bar. Multi-shot and Aimed Shot cast bars never showed up, but I assumed this was because I use Luna's cast bar. Also, the tranq messages never worked. I was using a modified Rais before without issues so I have since returned to that.
  10. what ports need to be open These are the server IPs: Logon: Elysium: Anathema: Darrowshire: These are their ports: Logon: 3724 Elysium: 8107 Anathema: 55105 Darrowshire: 55105 You should forward ports 8090-8110 and 55105-55110 in your router settings. I can confirm that the address and port are current for Darrowshire, as I am logged in using that address and port.
  11. my R13 warlock is deleted by my wife

    I know a guy that can take care of your wife. He's discrete; no one will suspect a thing.
  12. Does Hemorrhage work properly?

    Hemorrhage stacks being removed by hits/dots is done SERVER-SIDE. No server is on patch 1.11 yet, hence, this is Blizzlike behavior.
  13. Gank Scene - am i missing something? does the griefing calm down at all? If you're an experienced Vanilla WoW player, Elysium is probably fine. For someone coming fresh from Legion, I would highly consider avoiding Elysium and picking Darrowshire.
  14. If you want to be ganked/griefed/forced to grind levels alone in the corner of low-pop zones, pick Elysium. If you want to be safe from the griefing, pick Darrowshire.
  15. Does Hemorrhage work properly?

    This is Blizzlike behavior. Was not changed until patch 1.11