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  1. Have any guilds from Elysium announced they'll be rolling on Nighthaven?
  2. Population based rolls seems fair to me... your 1/40th of the raid, you get 1/40th shot on gear. But that's plenty restriction on its own. Reserving tank gear means warrior lootlock for all intensive purposes anyway. But if that weapon drops, and they really do let you roll on it, you should have a x/40 chance, however many your group is.
  3. I posted this on the reddit but maybe this is a better place example http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=40169363847378822731 It's a smorgasbord of the standard Arial Narrow set and this super neat hanzi set https://github.com/parlr/hanzi-pinyin-font So now in game you can see the default font like character names, alongside with the messages/items they link, and itll even say the pinyin on top of each hanzi character if your trying to learn Mandarin like me. The pinyin is very small, and I'm working on increasing the size without distorting the whole character but haven't had much luck. Its maybe readable though :)
  4. At level 44 shouldn't you be 2hand because there's zero hit% gear? So you wouldn't utilize this flurry axe until the mid 50s when you can start running 60 dungeons and get hit% gear anyway? This seems like a super dick situation but I can see why the priest wanted his greed roll to be counted. You need to be clear before the start of the run on BoE rules (either all need or need before greed) or even guild runs will explode when you don't let a pug roll
  5. i am working on my fury set and am looking to raid as either fury or prot now....
  6. pre

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    Will character creation on the PTR be enabled? Or is this solely for pre-existing characters on Anathema? Gear problems aside I'd love to bring my Elysium char in there
  7. Hi guys, I once posted an advertisement for my guild <Reverse Engineered> but we are a social guild now and the patch is around the corner. I am looking to raid at either 1600, 1900, 2300 server - days are flexible I am a prot warrior (non-impale 12/5/34) with a prebis tank and fr set but will respec to fury if needed I have been working on a basic fury set with boe weapons and will quickly become prebis fury, I'm missing 4% hit http://realmplayers.com/CharacterViewer.aspx?realm=Ely&player=Pre 300 herb/alch missing only a couple non-flask recipes and have all keys (MC/Ony/Ubrs) I am english speaking from NA east coast, but would join a foreign speaking guild. Language barrier is not a concern for me so long as we have communication I have experience tanking 8/10 MC and Onyxia. In vanilla retail I played a warlock from open beta into naxx. Elysium is my first private server and I've been enjoying tanking. I've organized a couple PUG mcs on Elysium and recorded the success and fails (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCygHu5urxtyFJXujHNKuGrQ) I am interested in raiding as a tank and don't mind the guild loot system. I'd like loot council so I don't have to think about loot. I am looking to apply as a fury warrior now as well. I'm a very active player and while raiding will have a perfect attendance and follow guidelines. If you have a spot open or opening let me know!
  8. A small group of people didn't join our pug MC, we lost some crucial warlocks, and a lot of hunters, some warriors that won all the might also were included. But MC went off like normal.... It can take a lot of spamming to host a pug MC. For anyone actually curious why we were so slow on the upkeep tonight we usually do an inter-guild run but they made separate plans earlier in the weekend for tonight.
  9. Yeah, hunters don't get strikers marks here, beware guys.
  10. This armor will greatly help my raids on Baron and eventually Ragnaros. This may seem despicable but I was willing to pay a reasonable price; unfortunately I can't compete with the gold these guys from <lowlife> farm
  11. pre

    Azuregos Bug abuse

    So there is no general ruling on this? It is entirely "per" encounter? Is this a unique mechanic to world bosses and cross faction? Because mobs stay tagged by the initial tagger until the threat table is completely empty or the mob is reset manually. So for world bosses that resetting the encounter would avoid a mechanic, this would be considered an exploit? Like the dragons of nightmare or does the 75/50/25 ability not fall under the same type of "event" That's not in question, I'm just trying to clarify what is supposed to happen - if anything, during a world boss reset; or if a reset is even necessary to switch the tag?
  12. pre

    Azuregos Bug abuse

    Thanks Muldreg! According to that thread: So what we need clarification on is what are "creative use of game mechanics". So is the difference here that it is two seperate factions competing? If Azuregos had been un-contested, and two horde raids were fighting it, one gets wiped and the other picks the tag up at a low %, would that also be allowed? And the same is with any sort of Boss encounter that doesn't have a unique event tied to the pull, it's allowed to switch the tag on the encounter? The dragons of nightmare arn't released on Elysium yet, but they have abilities they only use at at 25/50/75 hp left; the sort of abilities that this pull would allow you to completely avoid.
  13. pre

    Azuregos Bug abuse

    This is the key point. So what IS supposed to happen when a Boss is reset? There is currently a feature in LAVA RUNS where if you pull emp, and then reset the encounter exactly like Azuregos's tag is getting switched you will avoid all the adds in the emperors room (they pull with the event, and when you reset the pull but mantain aggro, you negate that event) We need a great deal of clarification on what is and is not allowed, because the BRD farm sounds like an exploit to me so I haven't attempted it. But the azuregos reset is the same tactic, and allowed? Am I allowed to be farming an Iron Foe like the above?