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  1. I havnt played here in a while and can't quiet remember how to connect via authentication, i downloaded google authentication but it wants to screenshot something wheres i need a 6-digit code, how was this working now again? :S
  2. Hunters can track hidden and mark you, therefor you are always visible for him and his pet. Just how it is.
  3. Velcie

    [AddOn] SUCC-bag

    so simplistic, i love it
  4. Velcie

    Help find ui

    Discord Art, Discord Bars, SimpleMinimap, Alert, ScrollingCombatText is all the addOns I can see.
  5. Velcie

    17,000 Players Online

    I agree son, damn trolls...*hugs you closely to my boner...i mean breast...i mean chest*
  6. Velcie

    17,000 Players Online

    Sounds like someone wasn't loved as a child, it's okay, let all your anger out on me kiddo I will protect you.
  7. Velcie

    Darrowshire needs more aussies!

    what's a aussies? Sounds like something germans had around 1940s
  8. actually you can alter how its shown with prat. Mines is GM - <Name> aswell as the guy printing the screen. Nevertheless its easy af to fake screenshot things. Find out a GMs name and paint/photoshop the rest, ggwp
  9. Maybe Zeth population don't care about raiding like you kids on Elysium. (Boy we have no life we made 60 in 1 week and we cleared MC im the best) like piss off, let people enjoy the game like they want. Obviously the majority on this topic tend to not enjoy being molested by 12 year old Undead Rogues every corner. They like the low population.
  10. Velcie

    Post Your UI #3456789

    as above said its BCB (BearCastingBar) and the FuBar plugins was mentioned in a earlier page on this topic in which I kind of took.
  11. Where's my Darrowshire folks at!? Seeing all this QQ on the forum, PvP realms fighting eachother made me realize I am so glad we're not mentioned and getting these kids :-)
  12. Velcie

    Forum servers going apeshit

    1. Only free to play for us, they pay the hosts. I myself donate whenever they ask for it. 2. It can, either they change host or demand more from current as they are paying for the service. 3. Yeah
  13. Velcie


    do u have modui tooltip disabled? thats what happened to me.
  14. usually u tend to do it for progressive bosses to boost overall performance.