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    [RESTO]-Druid - We need YOUR help, pls!

    What? Thought I could get some advice / help here.... A few things We already found out: - We are quite overgeared for NH-nhc - We have way too many healers = low HPS for RESTodruids (HoT`s won`t heal the target = overheal) - maybe wrong arrangement/schedule of the healCD`s / RaidCD`s - She has weak Trinkets (Mana trinket not necessary & the other Trinket is mediocore) - Legendary boots on normal with too many healers + not much dmg-inc useless?, if She has other Legs? (on hc and mythic they will be nice!) - Legendary wrists quite useless, because = tankheal (maybe replace this legendary?) - replace talent-"Prosperity" with "Cenarion Ward" for extending "Cenarion Ward", there is no need to extend reju+lifebloom+wg - Stats seem okay, maybe a bit too much "haste" - Talent choices suboptimal - She should use "Flourish" more often - Lifebloom uptime waaaaaay too low (if possible always on the active tank!) - Efflorescence uptime waaaaay too low (always to the biggest puk (melees?)) - wild growth and HoT ticks too low - could use innervate and tranquility more often - She took talent "inner peace", but used tranq rarely, alternative "Spring Blossoms" - requires a high uptime of "Efflorescence" - She used her "Essence of G'Hanir" also rarely or even not once - She's not reacting quick enough (maybe is healing too late), She needs to pre-HoT sooner - Her average hit for Rejuv is a lot lower than the other healdruids of Our Raid, yet having close to the same gear - too many rejuvs used - She should spend more time in keeping life bloom and efflorescence up - Rejuving everyone is an old style of druid healing, it's just not efficient anymore in large raids - NO benefit from "Cultivation", unless targets drop as low as 60% (too many healers / low dmg-income) - (Guardian Affinity is generally preferable to Feral Affinity for higher difficulties) - if She is going OOM it’s because, She is misplaying = spamming too many inefficient overheals or not co-ordinating cooldowns with co-healers enough - too much overheal, because of all written above - She should try "haste" between 15%-and-25%, whereever She feels comfortable with Her flow of play Additional advice / info: BiS-Trinkets legendary "Velen's Future Sight" + "Unstable Arcanocrystal". Bonusroll on "Ethereal Urn" from Nightbane & on the "Unstable Arcanocrystal" from Withered J’im. The "Etraeus’ celestial map" from Star Augur Etraeus is the second only to statsticks / "Unstable Arcanocrystal". Statsticks are good, other stuff isn’t as good. They’re reliable and give more raw stats than proc trinkets. Don’t use mana trinkets. It’s better to just manage spell use more efficiently. Int passive > int proc. Reliability > power for healers. If You noticed anything else, let Me please know! THANKS a lot! Trinketlists + good-short-Guides + other Forumthreads so far: http://www.filedropper.com/bisdruidentrinkets https://docs.google.com/document/d/1615OefCh8ils8Itwb2BY9kyN8ikC_VtIK2uVVHQY3LM/edit https://www.dropbox.com/s/t08smojbx64hvpi/Twig it by Torty v1.5.1.xlsx?dl=0 http://questionablyepic.com/restodruid-rotation/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2159823-RESTO-Experts-We-need-YOUR-Help-PLEASE!?p=44369718#post44369718 https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/28164-resto-druid-we-need-your-help-pls/
  2. HasiPupsi

    [RESTO]-Druid - We need YOUR help, pls!

    Hi Guys! We have a female RestoDruid in Our Guild/Raid named "Gutefêê" and because of She lacks behind (mostly low HPS) Our other RestoDruids "Elvíana" & "Mênira", She asked Me a few day`s ago, if I can Help Her, so I promised Her to open a thread in several Druid-Forums, to get Help from other RestoDruidPlayers / Experts like You guys! :) She told Me, She already talked to the two other RestoDruids, but they could not figure out any big difference in their Healing/"Rotation" She said. So I really hope that YOU little Experts out there can figure that out for Her/Us. I really would appreciate that! Here is Her Armory: eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/antonidas/Gutefêê/simple and here is Our last Nighthold normal clear-run: warcraftlogs.com/reports/JyBVTtD6fqwFrgY2#type=healing&fight=4 If You have the time, please have a short look on her on every Boss, maybe You can give some Tips `n Tricks also for Her. Thank You very much!