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  1. adamkm

    Can't connect, server down?

    "Dear players, Our servers are currently being attacked and we are currently mitigating the attack by moving our resources. Darrowshire might be down for a while unfortunately but Anathema and Elysium will be up shortly. Thank you for your patience."
  2. adamkm

    Can't connect, server down?

    "The logonserver ran into some unexpected issues and crashed, taking Darrowshire down with it. Unfortunately due to the architecture of the core, all of the gameservers depend on the logonserver being available at all times. When it went down, all gameservers froze and crashed. We are currently doing rolling restarts of our services and will do an analysis on the database servers before we fire anything back up. Hang tight!"
  3. adamkm

    Can't connect, server down?

    Discord down too...
  4. adamkm

    Gold - Options...

    Thanks Roxanne. Any idea on gold per hour? assuming no blue pick pocket items :)
  5. Hi All So I'm level 60 and need some cash! I was thinking farming Mara or DME (but heard that's nerfed?). I have 0 money making professions. Classes I have at 60 to farm with are: Hunter Mage Druid Rogue Priest Paladin I don't have a warrior or warlock (or shammy obviously). What's my options? These guys aren't very well geared, Hunter and rogue have devilsaurs (hunter has xbow from AV quest reward) rogue is dagger specced with Barman shanker. Pala is quite poorly geared, druid/priest have greens on and Mage has greens with +150 fire damage (not ideal I know!) I can play well, Rogue got his own barman solo. Can't say I really fancy farming Mara for the hopes of 40g per hour selling blue boss drops repeatedly. Was hoping there was something maybe mage related (Fire/shatter build) that would work? bit more interesting. Any idea's please? Thanks
  6. It doesn't work like that at all. Alliance have to follow the road the whole way, it aggros all the wandering guards INCLUDING the ones at the GY. Horde run past Balinda ignoring SH entirely, up the hill and down the side of the tower, can heal up here if needed. Then jump off into the wilderness where there are 0 guards/mines. Run past a few lvl 50ish harpies and into the base. Run behind the ram collecting building and up into the GY. Not aggroing a single mob in our entire base. Lonadin and Southhandle <sp> lieutenants take such a long path, they don't interfere at all and attack the Horde. How is that path remotely same as the challenge Alliance have to overcome? Who are you trying to kid? I don't get it. As you very well know, you can get into the Alliance base SOLO as a horde!! How on Earth is that possible as Alliance? It's not. Even with 20+ people you're lucky if you get past the second tower with even half! mostly its about 5 or 6 people. You need 30+ to go at the same time to guarantee getting 15 through. Lets all keep pretending that ALL Alliance are simply complete retards, despite the higher % win on all other BG's, and it's all completely balanced. The simple fact is, the Alliance need 40 coordinated people to pull off the same stunt that Horde can pull off with 20 people. That's what it boils down to. If both teams just rush horde win every time. They get more people into the base without getting killed on route. The ONLY way to prevent that is if SOMEHOW 5 mages in the 40 man PUG decide to defend the jump for the Alliance. Even though they aren't coordinated, possibly don't speak the same language, dont really want to do that job every game, some wont even know it exists, not everyone reads the forums. They also need a healer with them otherwise all the large % of hunter population simply kill them by out ranging/sending pets in them while rest of the team do the jump. This is pointless. It's like banging your head against a brick wall. Lets just have some statistics released by the Devs for win/loss by faction and we can all have a good laugh at Alliance 10% win ratio.
  7. Can't read any more after this part. I'm not sure if you've even played the map despite your claim of exalted with 7 chars.
  8. Just had a very typical battle. They grouped on their hill, we grouped on ours. They went for Balinda, we went for Galv. They wiped on Balinda, we killed Galv. They charged our base and took Aid station, we charged and 1/2 our team wiped on the towers, 2 mages, 1 hunter and the army of defenders we have to run through. We didn't have enough to push into their base so had to take FW graveyard while the rest of the team regrouped on hill and did a 2nd push. They took control of Aid while we took FW G... we pushed to FWR while they pushed into Vann... Vann died before we flipped FWR. Game over. Happens often. Simple fact is, we cannot get to their GY before they get to ours because we lose 1/2 our team getting there. They lose nobody. Capping towers would not have helped here. We had time to kill galv, flip 1 GY then it was game over. If that 1 GY was a tower and Galv was another tower it would have been 2 towers down and they win. Same outcome. To stop this, some Alliance have resorted to defending rather than losing 100% of their games.
  9. LOL That's it, you nailed it. Alliance are all too stupid. Forget the fact that the other BG's are mostly Alliance victories, they're just too stupid, as a collective, to win in AV. Nothing at all to do with horde getting into the Alliance base is just so much easier. If only Alliance had you on their team to up their, lower than average, IQ. They'd be able to win 95% of games, maybe more! You talk as if it's some kind of bad, stupid person, game plan agreed in advance by all Alliance. "Hey guys, 5 go middle and wander around, 2 goto SH, 6 goto aid, 10 goto mines, rest do whatever and we have this in the bag!" The fact is, it's EASIER to attack the Alliance base and gather in it. How can you not see that? are you stupid? As Alliance you can't even get to the Horde base unless you're part of a 25 man rush group or the towers are gone. As Horde you rush forward, any stragglers can get into the base ON THEIR OWN! because you bypass 3 out of 4 towers. Once the initial Alliance rush gets nuked in by the towers you're screwed. Out of 25 people it's lucky if 10 make it to the destination, then you have to pray those 15 killed on route isn't your tank/healers! There's a reason why the NOST team patched that backdoor entrance. Because it's basically cheating and bypassing the whole base mechanics!! It wasn't there by design!
  10. Yeah. You're just the most clueless guy in history. As the guy above said, he saw Alliance win just 7 times. There's a reason why Nost fixed that backdoor on their servers.
  11. Maybe Alliance turtle because Horde go back door which is borderline cheating, even if it is blizzlike (Same as safespotting etc!!) Alliance can't effectively win the rush when Horde go back door and put 5 mages on the road into their base, their base is so much easier to defend and harder to attack... Hell, Alliance lose half their force simply to archers along the way since we cant skip any bunkers. They skip SH and the 2 towers in our base entirely! not to mention all the guards on the path. It's ludicrous. Why on Earth can't that back door be patched. It would make it so much more fun and fair.
  12. adamkm

    Some fun World PvP :-)

    What's this addon that you're using as frames to to click and heal people while showing who is in/out of range with transparity?
  13. Is this why Ely alliance lose virtually every AV? Or have I just been unlucky not winning a single AV yet?
  14. Does no-one use them to travel around? I do =P
  15. adamkm

    Out of combat timer

    Hi Guys Quick question, what's the out of combat time at this patch level, is Imp. Gouge 5.5s enough time for a re-stealth in PvP? Thanks