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  1. You just inspired me to do the same as our hero Mcboneface. Thanks! :)
  2. Super, thanks! Didnt know about this feature - appreciated!
  3. For a couple of weeks I have not been able to shift-click mobs to loot quest-items. Only non-quest items will be looted and I have to manually click the quest item from the little window. I have asked around on the Elysium server and not everyone seem to have this issue. Anyway around this issue?
  4. fupse

    Shift loot quest items

    Any update on this? @Ambervale ? I still have the same issue :(
  5. Hi again, I am not sure if it matches your schedule but I am playing(regularly) from sunday-thursday all days included from around 14:30 - 21:00 (server time). Friday and saturday is where I got my weekend so those days is where I have the most time to play. Basically I am available all week but with limited hours. I am currently playing a lvl 25 prot warrior (Violeet) but I also plan to make a priest to have as an alternative char to play with. Let me know if you have any interest to try and play together at some point. Regards Kasper
  6. You can pretty much run Vanilla on a potato. Just get the cheapest thing you can find.
  7. Playing a priest I can only recommend getting a wand asap. Spend the silver it costs!
  8. fupse

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    I can confirm the 1h 45m - 1h 55m spawn time on Lupos. Saturday morning around 8:15 server time I saw Lupos dead at 33.25 at Elysium. Sad. I decided to come back 1h 30m later to be there in time for his supposed re-spawn. I must have been there around 9:45 server time. Around 10:00 server time, I believe, I saw him spawn right there before my eyes and I was able to successfully tame him. I fed him up quickly and dismissed him and seconds later 3-4 horde guys came running towards me and I got instantly wiped out. :D
  9. Greetings and salutations, Anyone who knows if there are any english speaking guilds from United Arab Emirates(UAE)? Or perhaps just people from this location. Then I would like to hear from more! Best regards Kasper