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  1. Shaze

    My lvl 60 Lupos dissapeared, help!

    Ok, I understand =(
  2. Shaze

    My lvl 60 Lupos dissapeared, help!

    What? But why? This is not an issue that couldn't be solved ... I lost literally ingame days of playtime because "stuff" goes wrong? What if I lose my character tomorrow and your database is corrupted or something because "stuff" went wrong? I ask you to please make a step forward with this and help a player in need who loves this game and helps the community to improve.
  3. Hello, I was playing few AV yesterday, when suddenly I got killed by NPC (Galv) after the bg was already over and I can't summon my pet since. It dissapeared for no reason. My pet was lvl 60 Lupos named Incursio, I have raid logs and screens that prove I have it. It was on max loyalty rank 6, well fed ( I always have 2 stacks of food with me and feed it whenever he drops to neutral), happy and I used it for months. I didn't abandon it myself, it's just gone. It is very RARE pet. It takes days just to get this pet and then subsequently weeks of levelling it from 23 to 60. I would rather have pieces of my T2 gear missing instead, because the pet is the most important part of a hunter. I already made an ingame ticket and the response was that you are unable to restore lost pets and it was my fault. Neither of this is true. It's not my fault and the pet had to dissapear because of server related bug and I was also a GM before and I KNOW that it is possible to spawn ANY npc of ANY level at an isolated place (GM Island, Hyjal) to help me get it again. IMPORTANT NOTE: This has happened today between 00:00 and 00:05 server time, DURING the server backup! It's very very likely that's related. My character name is Arileana, level 60 night elf hunter on Elysium PvP. Please contact me here or on discord - Kazaru#0975 Thanks!
  4. I have updated my questie to current 3.69 version and when I log in, it opens a window called VERSION CHECK! Says something about update and that it will NOT delete my quest data, however it DOES! When I just press NO, it will show again when I login and it always delete the quest data. I want this window to stop appearing, because the addon works just fine and all this does is deleting my quest data. Same thing happens when I try to use clearconfig command. Says it Doesn't clear the Q history, but it absolutely does.
  5. Shaze

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    Because they are crap. If you dont need hit, get Spaulders of the Unseen or Wyrmtongue Shoulders instead.
  6. Shaze

    Hybrid PVE/PVP Class

    I have a friend who respecs at least 2 times a week between prot and fury/arms. If he can do it ...
  7. Shaze

    When do these items get updated?

    What about http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=11726 same patch?
  8. Shaze

    Dhralla's Ultimate Leaf Guide

    Big thanks for the guide. I followed it very carefully and managed to kill most of the demons on my first try!
  9. Shaze

    Best way to leveling low level pet

    That's just a rumor. I tamed one of those to get the last rank of Lightning Breath of Elysium and it has 2.00 atk speed like all other serpents. But I share your love for them, when Lupos gets nerfed I will instantly switch back to my own that I used for levelling.
  10. Shaze

    Best way to leveling low level pet

    I would say that for PvE, Lupos is mandatory because he deals at least 30% more damage than other pets in raids and scales very well with the debuffs. For PvP you can have more options than just Broken Tooth. BT is best vs casters because of the atk. speed, but Lupos will be best vs plate wearers or generally anyone that has large amount of armor. You can also use any Boar for Charge or Wind serpent for ranged Lightning Breath. As for levelling the pet, I suggest killing mobs approximately 5 lvls above your pets level. That's what I did when I lvled my Lupos from 23 to 60. You can also try killing elite casters(near ZF) or some elite dragons(DM) that are quite weak, but yield double exp.
  11. Shaze

    Best way to leveling low level pet

    My advice: Abandon Rake and get any other cat thats nearest to your current lvl. Level up to 60, then get BT(PvP) or Lupos(PvE). Rake isnt special in any way, regular Swamp Jaguar has the same atk. speed and it will be much easier to camp these rares on 60, since you greatly increase your odds of winning pvp.
  12. Yes, after serpent sting the autoshot bar gets stuck for 1 shot e.g autoshot - serpent sting - autoshot (now cant see the load time, cant prepare for next auto) - autoshot (now its fine) Master doesn't help and actually I've noticed this bug even in the 1.01 version that I was using until now.
  13. Plays Legion. HAHAHA
  14. I confirm this bug on Elysium.