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  1. Kajjan

    Engineering 1 - 300 Guide

    Oh for the love of god, why release a x2 guide on Elysium forums.
  2. Kajjan

    Leveling a lower level pet

    This a joke? Gave up on my Lupos bc i couldn't be arsed farming 60 mobs. Must be a bug or a certain patch. I checked on LH Northdale, lower level mobs does give xp. LH Lightbringer works aswell. But i remember it not working on Elysium.
  3. I'm pretty close to the server and the lag is absolutely horrible. Tested on several different connections. Same crap. 60 warrior and 60 hunter. Rest of the world is fine, but bg's are just not worth it.
  4. I'd replace deathdealer with Ogre forged hauberk and sapph boots with battlechaser's like in the original guide.
  5. Wouldn't Flurry Axe > Thrash Blade for OH for an orc? Or is it because of some "Chance on Hit cd" that it's preferred to get an extra attack with a 2.70?
  6. General Drakkisath not dropping anything Not sure what to say, just didn't drop anything at all.
  7. Kajjan

    Polymorph griefing

    Ima get the quickest bow in all da lands.
  8. Kajjan

    Polymorph griefing

    From a friendly player? With the sole intention of griefing? Seems abit weird
  9. So i tagged this devilsaur in un'goro and was attempting to kill it but this mage just kept polymorphing it to prevent it from dying because he didn't get the tag himself. Is this allowed? Is it enough for a temp/perm ban?
  10. Kajjan


    Implying that there are alot of asian botters?
  11. Kajjan

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    And i expect people will continuesly post new threads about it until it's solved(forever).
  12. Kajjan

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    I now realize the entire thing was a quote from that thread and apologize. I do however don't think it applies as an excuse for why this is allowed.
  13. Kajjan

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    What an incredibly non constructive post Shiamorah "Finally, please stop posting obvious panic mongering crap. Nobody will leave the server and throw their level 60 away because of this." -No one ever talked about throwing away their character.. What are you on about? 1) We cannot monitor or police how people communicate outside the game. -Well ofcourse not, and no one has ever made that claim. You can however look at whats happening in the game. It doesn't take much to make out what's going on. 3) We do not have the staff to monitor a single zone 24/7. -Again, no-one ever mad this claim. Thanks for the link though.
  14. Kajjan

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    It breaks the entire point of the game. There are 2 factions on a pvp realm. You're basically colluding with the other team to grief your own team. Does that make sense to you? If you could talk to them ingame, i guess i would see the point. But you can't, and that's for a reason. I don't mind you making friends with people from the other faction, i just don't think abusing that to grief your own team's members should be allowed.