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  1. Reading all this threads on reddit and the forum here, i find it funny how so many people think they are entitled for special treatment and at the same time they want the guys who run this thing to act professionaly. Being it for canceling a ban, taking part on staff meetings and have an opinion on them and answering every damn question from any random guy that decides to make a thread for whatever reason. Everyone wants a personal contact with a GM or shena to personally attend his question/problem. Somehow any random guy is qualified to search the whereabouts of any gm/developer/whatever and decide if they "fit" the job. fuckin hillarious. You spoiled kids you would even visit them at home to demand answers if you knew where they live.
  2. Zaz

    Cone of Cold

    Benefit from spellpower is cast time based. instants count as 1,5 sec casts. You get 100% of +dmg when a spell has base casttime 3,5sec+ (talents that reduce casting time dont affect this). That means that fireball gets more benefit than frostbolt from you +dmg. also frostbolt gets more +dmg than scorch and fireblast. fireblast and scorch get the same +dmg. Now aoe spells get les +dmg by default (but also following the above rules). The rank of the spell doesnt affect how much benefit it gets from +dmg as long as the casting time doesnt change (for that last one i am not 100% sure).
  3. Zaz

    Cone of Cold

    Hello, i am assuming from the ranks that you are around lvl 42+? if you frostbolt hits average 390 and tooltip says 286-315 that means you have around +120spelldmg?? something seems off. One thing to note is that CoC benefits less from +dmg than frostbolt Edit: What i mean is in vanilla i allways remember FB to hit more than imprCoC. And since it benefits more from +dmg the difference between the 2 spells is bound to get bigger the more you get
  4. Greetings all, i play on Darrowshire Horde side. I am in the process of choosing engineering specialisation and was wondering how the balance of goblin/gnomish on Horde side is? Also do any bugs exist that could affect my choice? Back in vanilla i was allways a gnomish and now i am kidna leaning to try goblin for a change. Also the potential that goblin boots can be used by anyone, which means selling them could be an big extra (if thats even a thing on the server) Thanks for any input!