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  1. This thread also turned into a rap battle between me and my critics lmaoooo
  2. There was maybe two or three under geared people lol.. I threw in a r14 rogue there was a r10 Mage.
  3. Yes you're right I call myself surprise but how can I fall when I am your demise? I stand on two feet , bloodfang boots, your closest cow ally is your worst enemy, we're actually in cahoots, we log cross faction , spy, then plan to give you some Pvp action , incoming video number two, taste my blade and your bull won't even be able to moo. What's the matter? Thought I was through? I'd continue this rap battle but I'm sick and tired of beef, constantly roasting cattle ..
  4. Jorn sky seer , I'm the headlights and you're the deer, catch you with my dagger, on anathema with that Elysium swagger, I got the blade of perdition, I'm a man and you're a woman, you belong on the kitchen, fuck onyxia attunement I hate that mission, I'm 300 alchemy you're 100 fishing ...
  5. As soon as that energy ticks I want that back stab baby boy no ifs ands or buts. In it to win it I don't dress to impress
  6. Only if you precisely time your button pressing on this 2004 game and not receive the red error messages are you truly a champion filled with skill! (I didn't edit it) I'm bathing in the criticism my sweet brothers
  7. Filmed on Nostal during 2016...your typical rogue vid. Please leave nasty comments about it and my UI. (It's been changed since then lmao) .. Hate on it enough and ill come out with a second one 2017 style. I only kill undead. I hate them.
  8. I appreciate the energy in the response !
  9. Check it out. Send your love/hate please. Make sure to comment on my UI.